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CAFR Testimonials

Alice Jackson from the City of Abilene, TX wrote in to compliment CAFR Unlimited guru Joy Richardson on her lastest webinar series."Joy, I wanted to thank you for doing the Webinar Series on the Statement of Net Assets, Statement of Activities and especially… Read More

CAFR Unlimited

Your Complete Financial Reporting Solution CAFR Unlimited, formerly known as CAFR-2000, is the first software product designed specifically to help the government finance professional produce presentation-quality reports quickly and easily. CAFR Unlimited is an excellent tool to assist governmental entities in meeting… Read More

CAFR Unlimited Sample Reports
CAFR Unlimited System Requirements

The topic of System Requirements can be a very subjective one. A 10 second response time for a function may be perfectly acceptable to one person and totally unacceptable to another. Keeping this in mind, we would like to outline… Read More

CityView Animal Licensing

Animal licensing enables the management of the approval, licensing and renewal process that keeps an accurate record of all licensed animals in the jurisdiction. Linking animals and parcels and owners means for a given parcel or owner a summary of… Read More

CityView Benefits

Benefits of CityView's Community Development solutions include: Automate business processes Find and use information Map your way Read More

CityView Business Licensing

Simply and efficiently issue and track licenses for any type of business. CityView Business Licensing provides you with a streamlined approach to licensing that increases your revenue and decreases your workload. The Power of… Read More

CityView Cashiering

CityView Cashiering guarantees that accurate, correct revenue collection is no longer an ongoing challenge, it's simply a matter of inputting it into the system. Discover the power of CityView cashiering today! Read More

CityView Code/Bylaw Enforcement

Track and manage your code/bylaw enforcement issues from citizen complaint to case resolution. Created on the principles of priority-based inspector workflow management, CityView Code/Bylaw Enforcement ensures your department provides consistent, efficient services. Discover its power today! Read More

CityView Electronic Plans Review

CityView's electronic plan review solution combines the exceptional document routing and workflow capabilities of CityView with the vast capabilities of Bluebeam's flagship product, Bluebeam Revu, along with Bluebeam Q and Bluebeam Studio Server products, so you can circulate,… Read More

CityView GIS

The mapping functionality embedded in CityView 9 dramatically streamlines the integration between CityView and GIS. With ArcEngine-based integration, maps are embedded directly within the CityView Desktop and are accessed from the Desktop Catalog. Maps can… Read More

CityView Integrations & Interfaces

Over the years, MS Govern has worked with hundreds of vendors to ensure our customers always benefit from the latest technologies. Our CityView customers the enjoy additional functionality of document and content management; automatic scheduling; and automatic plan review from our partnerships with the following vendors... Read More

CityView Mobile Solutions

CityView Mobile allows staff members to easily access key CityView functionality from the field using their light-weight handheld devices. Read More

CityView Permits & Inspections

Streamline and automate your Building Department's permit approval and issuance process from initial application to Certificate of Occupancy. CityView Permits & Inspections provides you with an efficient approach to permitting that simplifies and standardizes your workflows. Read More

CityView Planning

Track and manage all types of planning and development applications from beginning to end, reviewing and meeting mandated milestones along the way. CityView Planning provides you with powerful data that ensures you always have an answer when someone needs to know what's going on and why. Read More

CityView Portal

The CityView Portal has been completely redesigned using the latest ASP.NET technology and provides citizens of municipalities with a public portal. CityView Web forms have a crisp, modern look-and-feel and searching is as easy as typing your name! With more… Read More

CityView Property Information

CityView Property Information provides you with a powerful inventory of your organization's property base to help your department find information quickly. Quickly view all data and land management activities associated with a given parcel. Read More

CityView Xpress

CityView Xpress helps you: improve efficiency, deliver better service, and deliver better accountability for your Community Development department.  Why Choose CityView Xpress? CityView Xpress is a Pre-configured solution, based on over 28 years of providing… Read More


We are very excited to announce that we are integrating an extremely powerful and secure document management application called FileNexus with our MS Govern systems. This solution will save you time, money and help save the environment. Most organizations have… Read More

Govern Billing

The Govern Billing modules offer Public Works directors and Utility Department staff members a convenient and accurate method of automating utility, waste, sewer and uncommon types of billing. This flexible invoicing and collection system lets your organization collect payments online,… Read More

Govern Business Occupancy Appraisal

Our Business Occupancy Appraisal module is part of the integrated Govern CAMA Suite, your appraisal and assessment solution. It is designed to accommodate your needs when managing and assessing leased properties. The business assessment process will result in the creation of an annual rental value when assessing the occupancy of a premise/business space. Read More

Govern CAMA

The Govern CAMA Suite gives Assessors, Appraisers and Modelers a complete set of valuation and administration tools that are integrated with GIS mapping. Govern CAMA is YOUR appraisal and assessment suite. Read More

Govern Central

All transactions within Govern relate to parcels and names. Govern Central is where all people, properties and transactions come together in a centralized data access point. Property Central combines all transactions and details related to a parcel. Name Central is a central repository of names (individuals and companies). Read More

Govern Employee Self Service

Paper processing is costly, and often results in inaccuracies, misfiling, or delays in physical handling and delivery. Reduce your costs and increase employee satisfaction by offering them 24/7 access to paystubs, tax declarations, W-2 forms and more. MS Govern's new… Read More

Govern General Ledger Suite

The Govern General Ledger Suite is an advanced fund accounting software system containing five Financial modules to help you achieve balanced accounts and stay in budget. MS Govern recognizes that accounting for public sector monies and planning a public sector budget are difficult, but essential, processes. Our General Ledger Suite makes these processes more convenient by letting you define the fiscal year, as well as work in two fiscal years and several accounting periods at the same time. In addition, you can use the Budget Preparation module to budget for a third fiscal year. Read More

Govern GISView

MS Govern's newly developed web-based GIS Silverlight application combines Microsoft's Silverlight technology with software from leading GIS solution provider, Esri. Govern GISView is a Web-based application that acts as a front end for querying and… Read More

Govern Integrations and Interfaces

Your organization may wish to interface the Govern suites with other modules, such as third-party cash register systems. We have designed our systems using a standard format Application Program Interface (API) for every input screen. Using the API, incoming… Read More

Govern Land Management

The Govern Land Management Suite is a toolkit of five modules that was developed to provide your organization and MS Govern with the necessary tools and ability to implement multiple departments using its highly configurable and adaptable integrated modules/submodules. This… Read More

Govern Mobile Office

The Govern Mobile Office allows your assessors, auditors, inspectors, and code enforcement officers to increase productivity by extending processing capabilities to the field. Read More

Govern Online Citizen Services

Information Technology can often play an important role in helping local governments achieve their environmental goals. MS Govern is committed to minimizing the carbon footprint of our organization and yours, which is why we encourage you to explore the following… Read More

Govern Payroll/HR

The Govern Payroll & HR modules comprise a fully integrated system designed to help you manage important aspects of human resources, such as applicant and resource tracking, risk management, and teacher certification; as well as flexible pay processing options.

Information is shared between the two modules, reducing duplicate data entry and the number of repeat entries within the database. In addition, payroll information is shared with the Govern General Ledger Suite.

Our eco-friendly, Web-based Employee Self Service Portal saves your organization money by eliminating the inaccuracies, misfiling, delays and costs associated with traditional paper processing. Increase employee satisfaction by giving them the power to: apply for internal job postings; manage benefit deductions; take advantage of direct deposit; enter time worked; and much, much more. Read More

Govern Personal Property Appraisal

Our Personal Property Appraisal module is part of the integrated Govern CAMA Suite, your appraisal and assessment solution. It is designed to accommodate your needs when cataloguing and assessing the value of any property deemed "Personal" property that is not "Real" property. Read More

Govern Property Assessment

Whether you are an Assessor, Chief Appraiser or Surveyor, the Govern Property Assessment modules comprise one reliable and accurate appraisal system with a proven relational data model and integration with best of breed assessor's tools. Click on a topic below… Read More

Govern Public Web Portal

The Govern Public Web Portal is an e-Government services application that contains a set of modules that provide citizens and professionals public access via the Internet in order to apply, query, request and view information. The ability to make online transactions regarding permits, inspections, real property tax, utility billing, tax assessment, personal property, special assessment, complaints status and multimedia documents brings a new level of efficiency to managing a jurisdiction's information. Read More

Govern Purchasing Suite

MS Govern recognizes that purchasing is one of the most complex and most watched processes of the public sector. Our Purchasing Suite simplifies the process while providing peace of mind. For example, all purchasing information flows through to the Accounts Payable module to electronically provide a three-way match of the purchase order, receiving document, and invoice. In fact, all Govern Financial modules are fully integrated with each other to ensure accurate accounts and to facilitate quick lookup of customer data. Read More

Govern Real Property Appraisal

Our Real Property Appraisal module is part of the integrated Govern CAMA Suite, your appraisal and assessment solution. It produces reliable and accurate results based on data models and common valuation approaches. Read More

Govern Self Reported Tax

Self Reported Tax Tax Solutions for Municipal Governments The Govern Self Reported Tax module is a flexible and easy to use software solution that helps you efficiently manage and… Read More

Govern Special Assessments

The Govern Special Assessments modules are designed to accommodate the needs of Tax Collectors and Treasurers when cataloging and assessing the value of personal property, motor vehicles, boats, and green retrofit loan programs such as Property Assessed… Read More

Govern Tax Billing & Collections

The Govern Tax Billing & Collections Suite is comprised of five easy to use and comprehensive modules designed to reduce the time and energy Tax Collectors and Treasurers spend processing taxes and payments and managing delinquent taxes. Click on a… Read More

Harris Payment Gateway

Would you like to integrate Web payments with your MS Govern software? Does your city, town or municipality already accept online payments, but you'd like to streamline your processes and reduce processing costs? Would you like to broaden your citizens'… Read More

Imaging & Document Management

MS Govern offers document management capabilities that let you store and retrieve multimedia files within your database, or from a remote source. We also partner with Loris Technologies Inc., a leading innovator in the development of document imaging and… Read More

Innoprise Applicant Tracking

Process and data efficiency begins with the ability to post open authorized positions, complete with job description and requirements, on the Web where interested job applicants can enter their profiles and submit their applications.  An applicant applying for a position… Read More

Innoprise Centralized Cash Receipting

Centralized Cash Receipting allows a central department to take payments for any type of revenue collected by a City or County and supports coding revenue to arbitrary G/L accounts. If you're using the Innoprise revenue modules (CIS,… Read More

Innoprise CIS

Innoprise Customer Information Systems (CIS) goes far beyond utility billing, allowing utilities and municipalities easily and quickly adapt to changing business such as adding new services, products, and rate structures. With unlimited services per account, Innoprise CIS supports traditional metered… Read More

Innoprise Citizen Access

With Innoprise's Citizen Access Software, your organization will be equipped with modern-day eGovernment capabilities that are fully integrated with all Innoprise modules. Citizen Access delivers Innoprise applications to the public over the Web or through self-service kiosks extending access to… Read More

Innoprise Community Development

Innoprise Community Development software automates the creation, issuance, and tracking of public sector community development activities. Our solution encompasses required end-to-end business processes that support city and county planning, zoning, permitting, building plan review, building inspections, licensing, and code… Read More

Innoprise Customer Success Stories

MS Govern's Innoprise Suite takes leading-edge technologies and use them to create cost effective solutions to support the needs of our customers. We provide software that helps manage mission critical business processes such as Utility Billing, Payroll, and Financial Management. We also provide technologies that… Read More

Innoprise Customer Success Story: City and County of Broomfield, CO

Broomfield is located in the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area. The City and County of Broomfield has a growing population of over 53,000 and provides city services, as well as water and sewer collection and treatment services to over… Read More

Innoprise Customer Success Story: City of Billings, MT

The City of Billings, Montana purchased Innoprise CIS, Community Development, Financial Management including Payroll and Human Resources software. The new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software will replace… Read More

Innoprise Customer Success Story: City of Cheyenne, WY

Cheyenne is the capital city of Wyoming, the seat of Laramie County and the site of Warren Air Force Base. The City has a population of 53,847 and provides a variety of services to its… Read More

Innoprise Customer Success Story: The State of Florida

Cities and Counties across Florida moved from their legacy based ERP software to Innoprise's Internet-based alternative, including: City of Gainseville, FL City of Kissimmee, FL Pinellas County, FL Sheriff’s Office Florida… Read More

Innoprise Customer Success Story: Town of Branford, CT

The Town of Branford, CT provides a variety of services to 29,500 citizens including sewer, fire and a large park and recreation offering. Branford is running all modules of Innoprise Community Development software that replaced… Read More

Innoprise Customer Success Story: Village of Glencoe, IL

The Village of Glencoe, IL went live on Innoprise Financials in October 2008 replacing a legacy system that had been in place since 1993. In February of 2011, the library began the process of preparing the Innoprise system to… Read More

Innoprise Employee Self Service

The Innoprise Human Resource Management System has been designed with employee self-service features. Since all of our applications are Web-based, City employees can login in to the system with their username and password. Immediately the Web… Read More

Innoprise Financial Management

Manage the financial heart of your organization with intelligent applications that capture and analyze your financial information. The easy to use analytical tools in Innoprise's Financial Software combine power and flexibility, providing you with accurate information to make informed… Read More

Innoprise Human Resources

The Innoprise Human Resources module satisfies the needs of Human Resource Information Management by combining all aspects of Human Resources, Employee and Manager Self Service into a single solution eliminating unnecessary replication of data and… Read More

Innoprise Payroll

Innoprise Payroll is flexible and offers many user defined options to tailor the system. User-defined pay code choices are available to satisfy most employee compensation situations.  Users can also define an unlimited number of deductions and designate taxability and frequency… Read More

Innoprise Tax

Innoprise's Tax solution is so open and flexible that it can co-exist with your legacy systems or it can run individually. As with all Innoprise software, Tax integrates with other Innoprise modules seamlessly. The reporting features of Innoprise's Tax solution… Read More

Innoprise Work Management

The Innoprise Work Management solution is intended to satisfy the needs of an organization across departmental boundaries with capabilities ranging from simple maintenance tasks to multi-phase capital projects. Work Management incorporates both work orders and asset management supporting assets from… Read More

MS Govern’s Green Customers

We are honored to count these environmentally conscious organizations amongst our customer community. Leading the charge for change are: The Town of Hempstead's Clean Energy Project has paved the way for a greener, cleaner Long… Read More

Public Sector Software from A to Z

IT Director/System Administrator If you are an IT Director or System Administrator looking for a stable software solution that is fully compatible with industry-standard operating systems and platforms, we've got you covered. Our fully integrated suites will address both your… Read More

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