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Govern Real Property Appraisal

The Real Property module produces reliable and accurate results based on data models and common valuation approaches. Comprehensive comp sheets, ratio analysis and a CAMA (Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal) valuation sheet that lists all items on a property and the dollar results of each component help automate the document management process. This module allows for the set up of comprehensive user-definable tables containing the information needed to support the valuation methodologies desired for use.

The form and content of the data will reflect the real property (single family residences, multi-family residences (condos and time shares), mobile homes, single use commercial/industrial properties, multi-use commercial/industrial properties (commercial strips), etc.) and the valuation methodologies used to value these properties.

This module makes maximum use of rate and characteristic tables, so that users can easily and instantly update records. In addition, the table-driven structure enables the data and the valuation methodologies to be configured to meet the needs of any jurisdiction. Different codes can also be created for each jurisdiction, and greater security can be provided by limiting/specifying users' access to particular areas/neighborhoods/etc.

Full and unlimited history for each tax year is maintained and is readily accessible to authorized users. Comparisons can be made between data rendered in different years in order to detect omissions and/or inconsistencies.

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