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Govern Central

All transactions within Govern relate to parcels and names. Govern Central is where all people, properties and transactions come together in a centralized data access point.

Property Central

Property Central combines all transactions and details related to a parcel. Through this module, users with appropriate access rights can create, add, maintain or track unlimited addresses as well as property-related variable, split/merge parcels, capture legal description, structure information, and many more elements. This module offers a single source with no data duplication, hence providing an easier way to manage addresses, parcels, building, etc.

Name Central

Name Central is a central repository of names (individuals and companies). Those names are unique within this repository that could be associated with a parcel, permit, license, etc. as owner, agent, applicant, occupant, contractor, etc. A name in Govern could act as the applicant on one permit and the owner of a business that carries a Business Tax Account within your jurisdiction.

Names can be shared among departments or maintained privately within a department. Once defined, you can select a name and see all the related information (parcels, receivables, violations, active and historical permits, licenses, outstanding complaints, appeals, etc.). Duplicate names can be merged and business processes linked to those names are easily maintained.

With such centralized ability, it eliminates any potential data duplication where a change of address is done once and in one place only and adding a mailing index is entered once.

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