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MS Govern's Green Customers

We are honored to count these environmentally conscious organizations amongst our customer community. Leading the charge for change are:

The Town of Hempstead's Clean Energy Project has paved the way for a greener, cleaner Long island. The Town boasts Long Island's first-ever hydrogen fueling station, which is being used to power zero-emission, hydrogen-powered cars. In addition to being home for this fueling station, the Town's Energy Park includes a self-relying "green" energy solar house; a solar and wind powered shellfish nursery; a solar carport used to charge electric vehicles; and an energy learning center. Plans are already underway to add a wind turbine and geothermal heating system.

At the Town of Addison, TX, City Council, City Manager and Town staff are committed to taking action to make Addison a leader in sustainable development and operations that protect and enhance the Town's quality of life. So far, the Town has reduced its ecological footprint by:

  • Purchasing hybrid electrical vehicles
  • Using bio-diesel fuel in non-public safety diesel engines
  • Applying sustainable standards where applicable to all new buildings/renovations

Plus, Addison was one of the first to adopt the Clean Air Policy of the North Central Texas Council of Governments. Read more about Addison's sustainability initiatives here.

Cape Girardeau, MO is on board with their newly-created "Girardeau Goes Green Advisory Board!" Resident members will focus on ways the City can reduce its environmental impact in a cost-effective manner. The City would eventually like to become a green role model for the region. You're well on your way, Cape Girardeau! 

Clayton, MO considers itself a regional leader in being green. They are the recipients of the St. Louis Growing Green Award in the Government Category; they've adopted ordinances and incentives to incite change; and they have created a resident's guide to conservation. Go Clayton! 

Pacifica, CA has joined forces with ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability USA - to tackle the City's greenhouse gas emissions. To meet their reduction goals, Pacifica has committed to changing energy consumption and emissions at all levels within the City offices, amongst City employees, and to encourage members of the community to do the same. 

Rock Island, IL is a leader and shining example of Green initiatives as evidenced by its recent purchase of a hydroelectric plant along the Rock River that powers City facilities. Rock Island is developing an environmentally conscious community that aims to strike a balance between the sustainability of its environment, economic wellness, and quality of life. Efforts toward this goal include:

  • Adopting an Environmental Impact Policy
  • Purchasing a fleet of hybrid vehicles
  • Instituting a curbside recycling program
  • Creating an award-winning rain garden program for citizens
  • Completing the Sylvan Slough Natural Area, a park based on environmental best practices
  • Creating sustainable incentives for businesses
  • Installing LED traffic lights and winter decorations
  • Adding bike lanes and trails throughout the city
  • Providing storm water management and brown field remediation

The City's mission is to actively move forward with innovative energy solutions that will create a healthier city that is safer and more secure for its citizens. You're well on your way, Rock Island!

North Charleston, SC lights up the city with energy efficiency by introducing Project CLUE: a way to make homes safer and greener. Residents will receive new compact fluorescent light bulbs for their porches, free of charge. CFL bulbs are 4x more efficient, can last up to 10x longer, and use 1/3 less energy than regular bulbs. Professional electricians have donated time and supplies for any resident who requires upgraded wiring. Read more about the initiative here. Keep Shining, North Charleston!

Did you know? North Charleston won the 2009 Award of Excellence for Sustainable Community Development

The Town of North Hempstead, NY is committed to reducing landfill volume and recycling with the following programs:

  • S.T.O.P. (Stop Throwing Out Pollutants) - Many do not realize that ordinary household products (such as aerosols and cleaners) can be corrosive, explosive or even toxic if mixed indiscriminately with regular household garbage. This is why the Town of North Hempstead gives its residents the opportunity to dispose of their household hazardous waste in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Composting Cooperative of North Hempstead educates the community and creates awareness about the importance and ease of composting. Recycling yard and kitchen waste is an important step in reducing the volume of garbage in local landfills.
  • BigBelly Solar Trash Collectors - North Hempstead, along with major cities such as Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA; and Chicago, IL have employed a solar trash collection system with BigBelly containers, which use “the sun’s energy to compact at the point of disposal” thus saving time and money spent on managing waste while also reducing the Town’s overall carbon footprint.
  • Weighing-In Program - The Town’s student-run recycling program was launched in April 2009. Participating students measure, track and weigh the amount of paper recycled monthly at their respective schools and display the environmental benefits of their efforts (such as how many trees or barrels of oil were saved, for example) for the entire school to see. Now that’s something to celebrate!

San Juan Capistrano, CA is FIRST on two accounts: the City initiated the nation's FIRST residential curbside plastic bag recycling program, which strives to reduce the amount of trash going into the City's landfill and to prevent plastic bags from reaching San Juan Capistrano's creeks and other water ways. The City also initiated the FIRST horseshoe recycling program in the nation. 

University City, MO is committed to environmentally conscious living. The City has created a Green Practices Committee and offers green tips on their website, including Green Driving Tips! Universally smart! 

MS Govern is proud to highlight Municipalities who recognize the importance of protecting our environment and we encourage you to share your organization's green initiatives with us. To submit your story or to get in touch with other green-minded MS Govern customers, contact us.

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