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Innoprise Tax

Innoprise's Tax solution is so open and flexible that it can co-exist with your legacy systems or it can run individually. As with all Innoprise software, Tax integrates with other Innoprise modules seamlessly. The reporting features of Innoprise's Tax solution help your agency reach a new level of efficiency while keeping information accessible and accurate. Innoprise Tax brings tax and licensing administration into the 21st century with incredible technologies at your fingertips and the ability to utilize the Internet to enhance the work of your staff. Additionally, system-wide configuration flexibility lets users take control over their system, where system-wide changes are a snap, with the highest level of security available. Reporting and query features keep all system information easily.

"From a user's viewpoint, having two separate tax systems was inefficient and cumbersome. We would have to bounce between both systems to make sure that all taxpayers were paid up to date. Now our staff is enjoying all the benefits of our new tax software from ad-hoc reporting, to automatic license approvals, to Microsoft Office integration. These new features along with integrating our old systems have led to a new level of efficiency in our department."
--Carol Algeo-Storey
Revenue Manager
City of Greenwood Village, Colorado

Innoprise Tax Datasheet

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Robust Reporting

The Innoprise Tax solution has several easy-to-use built-in reporting tools. Tax specialists can search for information, organize it on the screen, and generate reports from the data represented into Excel® files. The ability to extract this information into spreadsheets makes it possible for users to analyze tax information by creating charts, graphs, and special format reports without any IT assistance.

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