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Innoprise Customer Success Story:
The State of Florida

FloridaCities and Counties across Florida moved from their legacy based ERP software to Innoprise's Internet-based alternative, including:

City of Gainesville - Servicing 122,000 Citizens

The City of Gainesville, FL uses the Innoprise Community Development suite. Before Innoprise was implemented, the building and code enforcement areas were using their own 10 year old systems that did not communicate with each other. The Gainesville planning department had no database system at all. Gainesville sought an integrated solution that would provide a seamless management system and tool for all of these related operational areas. The City desired a single comprehensive database that would allow building, planning and code enforcement to keep track of all they do and be shareable to all three departments. Another key business driver for Gainesville was a "Citizen Portal" for anyone to check up on the development process and actually apply and pay for services on the Internet.

Using Innoprise, Gainesville can now monitor building permits throughout the approval process. Electronic files of any type can be attached to permits, permit reviews or permit inspections. "The checks and balances for getting the date in and correct for all the processes up front in the setup process, allows for an automated process for all of the functions of the database," said Doug Murdock, Building Official for the City. "Now that Code Enforcement, Building and the Planning departments are all live on Innoprise, the City has a comprehensive land management system that tracks all three minimizing data entry and improving overall department efficiency," explained Murdock.

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City of Kissimmee - Servicing 60,000 Citizens

 The City of Kissimmee, FL has been running the Innoprise Community Development suite since 2004. In 2010, the City selected Innoprise Financials to replace its legacy system which had been in place since 1987.

According to Peggy Sousa, IT Director for the City, they have never had much success with integrating their legacy financial system to other software used throughout the City. "Our users have always complained that the system was not user friendly and difficult to extract data for reports," said Sousa. All Innoprise modules use a simple on-screen accumulator and query function to access any desired system data.

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Pinellas County Sheriff's Office - 3,000 Employees

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office is located in Largo Florida and consists of nearly 3,000 employees in five major service bureaus. The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office looked to replace its outdated legacy system with a user friendly solution built on an open system platform and web based architecture. "We wanted a cost-effective solution that provided 21st century functionality that was easy for our employees to use," said Susan Dann, the Director of Fiscal Affairs for the Sheriff's office.

The Sheriff's Office considered financial solutions offered by Progressive System Solutions, Inc., SunGard's One Solution and Innoprise Software Inc. "We chose Innoprise because it was the solution that had all the components we were looking for," explained Dann. "It has the integrated financial package including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgeting, Cash Receipts, Fixed Asset, Payroll, Purchasing, Fleet and Human Resources," she continued.

Key business drivers for selecting Innoprise were an open system platform, Internet application and Web-based user interface. Innoprise's open system easily plugs into Pinellas' existing IT infrastructure. All Innoprise software modules provide users and citizens with easy access from any Internet connection. By selecting a Web-based solution, the Sheriff's Office minimized support costs during implementation since additional software did not need to be added to individual workstations. IT staff will be virtually uninvolved in future system upgrades.

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Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA) - Servicing 50,000 Citizens

The Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA) provides services to more than 50,000 Floridians every day. FGUA Systems using Innoprise Customer Information Systems (CIS) include Aloha Gardens, Lindrick, and Seven Springs.

Additional Florida Customers

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