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Innoprise Customer Success Story:
City and County of Broomfield, CO

Broomfield COBroomfield is located in the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area. The City and County of Broomfield has a growing population of over 53,000 and provides city services, as well as water and sewer collection and treatment services to over 20,000 customer accounts within the boundaries of the City. The city spans 33.58 square miles with 15 million square feet of commercial space, and 20,022 residential units, with more on the horizon.

Broomfield Improves Data Availability, Field Crew Efficiency, and Reduces Support Costs

Broomfield is constantly looking toward the future, seeking new and better ways to do business and provide exceptional services to its citizens. In November 2005, it became clear to City and County Government leaders that their existing legacy system that had been in place for 18 years was no longer meets their changing business requirements. Broomfield desired a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to improve data availability across departments, offer employees enhanced application functionality with easier usability, provide an Internet presence to citizens, reduce overall support costs and improve GIS integration throughout the City and County.

Access to CIS and Financial Information Improved

In August 2006 Broomfield first went live with Innoprise Customer Information Systems (CIS). Access to CIS information became readily available to users as soon as they log in to the system. Users navigate CIS screens easily using a familiar Web browser and drop down menus. The system provides users flexibility to tailor their working environment by customizing the favorites bar at the top of the screen and adding their daily tasks. 

Obtaining information on their legacy system was nearly impossible for City and County users. One of the key features of Innoprise is the ability to easily search and find data. Users can select records using simple field matches such as "starts-with," "contains," "equals," ">," or more complex compound searches where multiple fields are compared using a combination of "and" and "or" logic. These queries can be named and saved for re-use later. Once records have been found they can be extracted into Excel or used to produce PDF or HTML reports. 

Broomfield's legacy financial system lacked the capability to sort, filter and display information online. The reporting capability was very limited and extremely complicated and required a third-party report writer just to extract much of the information. City officials require the flexibility to make adjustments to financial reports in order to make informed business decisions. Since going live on Innoprise Financials in February 2009, Broomfield financial staff can easily create ad hoc reports to fit their own departmental needs without any IT assistance. The new financial software offers MicrosoftTM Office integration and one-touch reporting enabling users across the city and county to easily exchange data with desktop applications and extract any system information for analysis and reporting.

Community Development Field Crews Become More Efficient

In April 2008 Broomfield went live on the Innoprise Community Development software gaining Internet functionality. Field crews can access the Web-based Community Development back office application using laptops or any Web-based device to manage inspections, capture comments or attach photos.

Broomfield citizens are also enjoying the benefits to their local government's new Web-based software. They have online account inquiry access for permits, licenses, planning and zoning. Citizens can look up property tax records, view tax balances, past payment history and make payments online. Citizens can view building inspection status, inquiry, scheduling and rescheduling. "With Innoprise, our citizens now have access to many features over the Internet. We can support online permit submission, online scheduling and viewing of inspections. Inspectors have access to the system from the field increasing their productivity on a daily basis," said Charlene Gabor, Community Development Administrative Analyst for Broomfield.

Reducing Support Costs

According to Pat Soderberg, Broomfield's Deputy Director of Finance, extracting data from their previous system was difficult and often involved IT resources. With Innoprise, Broomfield users have access to standard reports by the use of the reports menu. In addition, all data in the system can be utilized to generate reports. Users can easily create custom reports to view on their screen and/or extract the information to Excel, PDF, or HTML. With their prior legacy system, custom reporting requests took hours of IT staff and the more complicated reports incurred costly programming fees from their software vendor. 

Broomfield's GIS system was not integrated with their legacy system resulting in an increased workload for IT and redundant data entry across departments. Innoprise uses modern technology advances that support third party GIS integration. Broomfield can maintain their entire parcel and address information, as well as data can be exported from Innoprise to create various GIS layers. 

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