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Innoprise Community Development

Innoprise Community Development software automates the creation, issuance, and tracking of public sector community development activities. Our solution encompasses required end-to-end business processes that support city and county planning, zoning, permitting, building plan review, building inspections, licensing, and code enforcement. This gives your organization a significant advantage in reducing maintenance, simplifying changes, and lowering overall total ownership costs.

In addition, our software helps provide your citizens with "self-service" access points using the Web and kiosks.

"We wanted a fully integrated, Web-based Community Development system…with Innoprise, we can easily deploy the application in the field to our inspectors…and provide online electronic plan review and submittals for our customers as well.”
-- Jeff Brasel
Principal Planner
City of Centennial, CO

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Modules include:

Permits & Inspections

Monitor permits and inspections throughout the approval process. Use a variety of search methods to view, print, email, or send permits to Microsoft Excel®. Attach electronic files of any type to permits, permit reviews, and permit inspections.
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Planning and Zoning

Proposed development within the city limit must go through a development review process during which the plans are approved or rejected. The Innoprise Planning and Zoning module tracks each project through its approval process, and incorporates a Committee function to create agendas, member notifications, and meeting minute records.
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Occupational Licenses

Manage the permit process for residential and commercial Occupational Licenses by tracking and issuing business licenses. Define business license types with one or more fee structure(s). Track a license through its review and inspection process. Issue penalties for late payments. Renew licenses annually if desired.
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Code Enforcement

Innoprise Code Enforcement lets YOU define code infractions associated with your state's legal statute description. The system automatically assigns a case number to each code infraction, making it easy for you to track the case until the party comes into compliance. If the party does not come into compliance, send a notice to the Code Board directly from the system: it automatically generates required case documentation and attaches it to the related case, simplifying the process for you and your employees.
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