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Innoprise Centralized Cash Receipting

Centralized Cash Receipting allows a central department to take payments for any type of revenue collected by a City or County and supports coding revenue to arbitrary G/L accounts. If you're using the Innoprise revenue modules (CIS, Tax) you can easily retrieve information about that payment.

Features & Benefits

  • Take miscellaneous type payments
  • Decentralized cash receipting also an option
  • Integration with Innoprise Financial Management: Miscellaneous Fees/Payments
  • Integration with Innoprise CIS: Utility Billing and Miscellaneous AR
  • Integration with Innoprise Community Development: Permits, Licenses, Projects, Alarm Permits and Code Enforcement
  • Enables combined payments
  • Pay a license and a permit in a single transaction
  • Pay your water bill and business license in a single transaction
  • Endorsement of Checks with single click
  • Print one or more copies of receipt 
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