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Innoprise Applicant Tracking

Process and data efficiency begins with the ability to post open authorized positions, complete with job description and requirements, on the Web where interested job applicants can enter their profiles and submit their applications.  An applicant applying for a position over the web or at a public access kiosk creates his or her profile and attaches any relevant documents such as resumes, letters of introduction, and reference letters. That information is subsequently electronically available throughout the hiring process to appropriate staff. When an applicant fills a position, their profile is updated with additional criteria pertaining to the position and associated compensation.

The profile of the successful applicant becomes their employee profile without additional entry or data replication.  A single employee portal facilitates self-service as well as time entry with workflow routing time entered, leave requests, and other actions to the appropriate manager for approval.  Time, attendance, accruals, benefit, and all other employee information is available to any and all authorized staff without the need to import, export, interface or duplicate between modules or applications.

Innoprise HR/Payroll Datasheet

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  • Easy to use. Applicants access the software using a familiar Web browser. Applicants create one profile which is used to apply for additional positions.
  • Improve productivity. Applicants can view job postings, apply for positions, review test scores, and interview results on your Website to free staff from repetitive inquires.
  • Saves time. Dynamically post job descriptions on your Website based on position open and close dates. Schedules and tracks interviews. Maintains comprehensive applicant activity history.
  • Qualifies applicants. Online job applications contain mandatory field responses to ensure only the qualified applicants advance in the recruitment process.
  • Seamless Office Integration. Generates letters automatically using Word. Supports mail and e-mail merge to an individual or an applicant category. Supports attachments of electronic documents and scanned images.
  • Deploy with minimal workstation investment. A Web browser is used to access all Innoprise software making it available to existing workstations without costly hardware upgrades.
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