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Imaging & Document Management

MS Govern offers document management capabilities that let you store and retrieve multimedia files within your database, or from a remote source. We also partner with Loris Technologies Inc., a leading innovator in the development of document imaging and document management software systems. Learn more about FileNexus; MS Govern's new Document Management System.

With recent versions of our software, any file format that is supported by the host system can be referenced via a link. You can reference multimedia documents by specifying paths using UNC network-naming conventions or by entering a particular Web address.

With this ability to link to and display virtually any multimedia file, you can: associate building floor plans with a property, associate images or videos of violations with inspections; include images of comparables in comparable sales reports; or link a property deed to a sales record...the possibilities are endless!



  • Reference files locally or remotely
  • Link multiple files to Name or Parcel
  • Store multimedia files within the database or a location external of database
  • Associate validation code to multimedia document type
  • Specify archival methods for multimedia file types
  • Specify image type to multimedia code
  • Support for all file formats recognized by Windows registry
  • Security features to restrict access


  • Linked files do not need to be maintained in a single location
  • Archival methods minimize usage of system resources
  • With validation of multimedia document type, you can better organize images

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