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Harris Payment Gateway: Online Payment System and POS Software for Government Entities

Would you like to integrate Web payments with your MS Govern software?

Does your city, town or municipality already accept online payments, but you'd like to streamline your processes and reduce processing costs?

Would you like to broaden your citizens' online payment options by allowing them to pay by ACH, echeck, credit card or direct pay?

Do you need a more effective and less costly credit card processing solution?

Is your organization looking for innovative ways to reduce its carbon footprint?

Now you can do all of these things with MS Govern's integrated online payment service, Harris Payment Gateway.

Harris Payment Gateway offers online payment systems and POS software for government entities including credit card, direct pay and echeck transactions. It consolidates ALL of your organization's payment methods, integrates them with your MS Govern software, and seamlessly updates your customer/citizen accounts-all while saving you and your staff time and money.

  • Offer up-to-date account information to your citizens
  • Provide your citizens a variety of ways to pay their bills
  • Reduce your organization's payment processing costs and its carbon footprint

Learn how Harris Payment Gateway can become YOUR payment processing center today.

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