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Govern Billing

The Govern Billing modules offer Public Works directors and Utility Department staff members a convenient and accurate method of automating utility, waste, sewer and uncommon types of billing. This flexible invoicing and collection system lets your organization collect payments online, simplify the move-in/move-out process, and easily manage meter readings and landfill/scrap yard sites. This set of modules is fully integrated with the Govern Accounts Receivable and General Ledger modules. Click on an option below to find out more.

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Miscellaneous Billing

The Govern Miscellaneous Billing module is a flexible invoicing and collection system. It can be used for special invoicing functions such as ambulance billing, special assessment, police detail and others. The system automatically prints all bills, updates the Accounts Receivable module, and calculates financial and past due account charges. All affected accounts using the billing system are integrated with the General Ledger for automatic updates. The module facilitates the processing of uncommon types of billing and is easy to use.

Utility Billing

The Govern Utility Billing module is designed to manage day-to-day activities related to all types of utility services such as water, sewer, refuse, electric and gas for local government agencies and public utilities. This module is based on a centralized property and name model that handles various types of meters and devices, whether they are active or not. As a result, all data recorded by various departments, services or sources is easily accessible. This data availability improves customer service by providing a single point of reference and a common knowledge base for all customer transactions.

Handhelds Provide Automation without Expense

With our Utility Billing's flexible rate structure, you can have multiple services assigned to multiple meters or devices, and still maintain a single account number for easy access during customer inquiries. This module makes it easy to handle compound meters, ERTs, water and sewer meters, and sprinklers.

Save both time and money by using our handheld devices, which provide an automated method to enter utility consumption readings. Each handheld lets you input current readings, insert additional information, and generates an over/under usage warning when applicable.

The Govern Utility Billing module lets you print bills by: zip code, route/zone, account number, or alphabetically. It is also fully integrated to transponders. 

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