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Govern Special Assessments

The Govern Special Assessments modules are designed to accommodate the needs of Tax Collectors and Treasurers when cataloging and assessing the value of personal property, motor vehicles, boats, and green retrofit loan programs such as Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE). Click on a title below to jump to module-specific information:

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Personal Property

The Govern Personal Property module is designed to accommodate the needs of jurisdictions and users like Tax Collectors and Assessors when cataloging and assessing the value of any property or business that is deemed "personal" or "tangible" property and can be moved without damage to itself or the real estate (e.g. equipment, furniture, supplies, machinery, livestock). Within this module, personal property inventories can be entered as line items and quickly accessed for calculations and flexible billing. All information is recorded within the Personal Property Assessment function, which stores general information such as business name, address, account number, as well as inventory, assessment and tax details.

Motor Vehicle, Boat; Aircraft Tax Excise

The Govern Motor Vehicle, Boat and Aircraft Tax Excise modules are designed to accommodate the needs of municipalities when cataloguing and assessing the values of motor vehicles, boats and aircrafts.

Integrated with the Accounts Receivable & Cash Collection modules, the system is set up so that users can enter data directly into an easily accessible and searchable database. In addition, for the Motor Vehicle Excise module, the system is able to import all of the state's data files. Govern tables are set up by the System Administrator to accept and structure the imported data.

Descriptions of motor vehicles, boats and aircrafts are easily established by recording data such as the make, model, color, retail value and length (for boat). Tax values are calculated by linking these records, which include the assessed value, to the appropriate levy and exemption codes. A detailed breakdown of the tax values can be displayed by the system.

Similar to the Personal Property module, processes for Motor Vehicle, Boat and Aircraft Tax Excise can be implemented to perform the following:

  • Compute levies and exemptions
  • Post to Accounts Receivable
  • Print bills
  • Post partial billing
  • Renew exemptions

For the Motor Vehicle Tax Excise, additional functions performed through the implementation include:

  • Importing motor vehicle ASCII files
  • Editing/viewing the transit table
  • Transferring motor vehicle data to the Govern suite
  • Creating unpaid motor vehicle export files

Special Assessments 

The Govern Special Assessments module assists in performing tasks associated with projects such as street improvement, sewer betterments or major infrastructure repairs. The module tracks all the required steps from a project's inception by the engineers, to the required approval from elected officials, up to Treasurer's tasks such as defining Interest Rates, the number of payable years and performing collection operations. Users can also keep track of the assessed, due, collected and annual amounts owed, including those relating to the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) initiative

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