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Public Sector Software from A to Z

IT Director/System Administrator

If you are an IT Director or System Administrator looking for a stable software solution that is fully compatible with industry-standard operating systems and platforms, we've got you covered. Our fully integrated suites will address both your specific department requirements and your enterprise-wide initiatives. With MS Govern you'll streamline your vendor support, leverage our industry experts, capitalize on our multi-level training programs, and save time. Explore the freedom of choice with MS Govern. We're IT people too. Choose from among:

City Manager/Mayor/City Administrator

Today’s City Managers, City Administrator, and Elected Officials are shaping our industry for the better. You understand the interdependent relationship between software and success, and you will have no less. Your requirements include:

  • A single provider to streamline your software needs
  • Tightly integrated solutions that increase your visibility
  • A tangible return on your investments
  • Ample training opportunities to decrease learning curve stress on staff
  • A proven track record of successful implementations
  • A software provider as dedicated to your green / environmental initiatives as you are
  • A provider up to date on latest technologies, trends and industry norms
  • Flexible, Web-based, complete solutions you can grow with

MS Govern software suites deliver complete Local Government and Public Safety solutions that meet the requirements of today’s discerning leaders. Explore the freedom of choice:

Govern Suite

Innoprise Suite

CityView Suite

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