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Govern Self Reported Tax

Self Reported Tax

Tax Solutions for Municipal Governments

The Govern Self Reported Tax module is a flexible and easy to use software solution that helps you efficiently manage and collect the following types of taxes:

  • Lodging or room tax
  • Liquor tax
  • Sales and use tax
  • Business sales tax
  • Mercantile tax
  • Earned income tax
  • Head tax
  • Net profits tax
  • Occupational license tax
  • Insurance premium tax
  • and more!

Reporting periods are user-defined and can be modified at any point. Once set up, the system automatically computes taxes and applies any applicable discounts, penalties, and interests.

Taxpayers have the option of completing a remittance form, whose information is received by the Self Reported Tax module, or they can use the Govern Web-based eRemittance module, part of our eGovernment Services offering. The system automatically calculates the tax and associated fees, which flow to the Accounts Receivable module with just a click of a button-making it simple for you to collect payments made online or in person.

Reconcile and create audits for any tax type so that your internal/external auditors can view taxpayer records in real time.

Using the advanced search QueryBuilder tool, you can quickly and easily find a specific account using almost any search combination - narrow or broad.

"MS Govern's Self Reported Tax software has greatly improved and streamlined our sales tax remittance process. The staff at MS Govern worked diligently to ensure our satisfaction with the product."
--Julie Brown
Director of Finance
City of Durango, CO

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