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Govern Tax Billing & Collections

The Govern Tax Billing & Collections Suite is comprised of five easy to use and comprehensive modules designed to reduce the time and energy Tax Collectors and Treasurers spend processing taxes and payments and managing delinquent taxes. Click on a title below to jump to module-specific details.

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Real Property Tax Billing

Simplifying the Billing & Payment Process for Tax Officials

The Govern Real Property Tax Billing module is designed to simplify the billing and payment process for tax officials. This module is able to receive all changes and valuations made to the property information database. The module automatically computes all taxes and bills, including penalties and/or interests. The Real Property Tax Billing module supports the automation of data entry using scanning devices (OCR or bar coding), intelligent cash registers and lockbox processing or tax service organization (TSO) processing.

Personal Property

The Govern Personal Property Tax Billing module is designed to accommodate the needs of jurisdictions and users like Tax Collectors and Assessors when cataloging and assessing the value of any property or business that is deemed "personal" or "tangible" property and can be moved without damage to itself or the real estate (e.g. equipment, furniture, supplies, machinery, livestock). Within this module, personal property inventories can be entered as line items and quickly accessed for calculations and flexible billing. All information is recorded within the Personal Property Assessment function, which stores general information such as business name, address, account number, as well as inventory, assessment and tax details.

Tax Delinquency

The Govern Tax Delinquency module gives treasurers and tax collectors an efficient way to manage and track information at all stages of collection. Using a well-structured system with a direct interface to the Govern Real Property Tax Billing and Cash Collection, the Tax Delinquency module tracks notices sent to delinquent taxpayers, generates proper fees and collection charges, maintains late charges and manages the overall process associated with account delinquency.

From the initial notification stage, all steps necessary to transfer delinquent taxes from the real estate Accounts Receivable module to the Tax Delinquency receivable module are fully automated. The computation of charges provides enough flexibility to distinguish between first time tax title properties and subsequent tax title properties.

Accounts Receivable/Cash Collection

Cashiers and Accounting departments use the Govern Accounts Receivable/Cash Collection module to collect and record those payments. Built for flexibility, this module will reduce the time these cashiers spend on handling customer deposits, equal billing requests, and partial billings. Cashiers can accept multiple payment types within a single customer transaction and also transfer balance information, deposits and the like between cash drawer locations. The module also includes powerful reporting options and interactive access to customer accounts. This versatile module is integrated with the Govern General Ledger and Tax Billing & Collections [link]. Anything from standard cash registers and receipt printers to OCR or BAR code readers, to debit or credit cards can be used for collection.

The Cash Collection portion can be stand-alone or used in conjunction with other business modules. You can even set up "auxiliary" processing areas to handle high volume workloads in temporary or satellite areas using telecommunications.

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