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Govern Land Management

The Govern Land Management Suite is a toolkit of five modules that was developed to provide your organization and MS Govern with the necessary tools and ability to implement multiple departments using its highly configurable and adaptable integrated modules/submodules. This suite of modules helps to improve communication and coordination within each department and between multiple departments.

Whether you're a Chief Building Official, Planning Director, Inspector, or GIS Engineer, the Govern Land Management Suite delivers the tools you need to succeed. (Click below to jump to module-specific information):

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Code/By-Law Enforcement

Constituents expect timely action in response to complaints and your organization's needs to provide prompt, efficient and cost-effective code/by-law enforcement services. Our software helps enforcement investigators and officers maintain property standards. Complaints are made via telephone or Web, and the complainant information can be shared or withheld if necessary. Code/by-law enforcement officers can access the full history of the property/owner/tenant to help them assess risk factors before going onsite and they can review all prior violations details and the respective corrective actions.

Investigators/inspectors, using our Mobile Inspection System, can review the assigned cases and input the results of the investigations/inspections along with any comments or notes. Using the wireless version of this system, code/by-law enforcement officers can issue violations while in the field. 

Govern WebGIS: Combining Microsoft’s Silverlight technology with software from leading GIS solution provider, Esri

EsriGovern WebGIS is a Web-based application that acts as a front end for querying and viewing MS Govern databases that have been synchronized with an Esri Geo database.Govern WebGIS is a Web-based application that acts as a front end for querying and viewing MS Govern databases that have been synchronized with an Esri Geo database. Govern WebGIS harnesses the power of ArcGIS Server's mapping, geocoding and geoprocessing capabilities. Results from Govern WebGIS can be exported to Microsoft ExcelTM or transferred to Govern's external tables for further use in Govern's Land Management and Property Assessment modules. Find out more.


The Govern Inspection module lets you schedule and log inspection results with an easy-to-use interface. Each inspector has access to his/her own calendar, in order to schedule inspections in the shortest possible timeframe. Inspections are integrated with Microsoft Outlook so your organization can view all scheduled inspections at a glance, while only having to maintain a single calendar. You can also link permits or properties to an inspection group. An import/export function lets inspectors load needed information on a laptop for use in the field. At the end of the day, they can then upload inspection results into the Inspection module from the laptop.

Licenses and Permits

The Govern  Permitting, Licensing & Inspection Scheduling module contains a set of functions that give jurisdictions the ability to register, consolidate and track information related to a parcel of land or property records. The core of the module is a centralized data repository that stores and automates the flow of information between departments like Building, Health, Planning and Zoning as well as the issuance of licenses. With a flexible database design that can be tailored to specific requirements, the structure allows for the recording and retrieval of various land-related data that can be different for each type of permit, license, approval or decision.

Types of licenses Govern supports include:

  • Contractor Licenses
  • Clerk Licenses
  • Professional Licenses
  • Business Licenses
  • Animal Licenses
  • Hunting Licenses
  • Bingo Licenses
  • Special Licenses/Permits (i.e. small games, raffle, fireworks, parade, etc.)

Govern also supports public works permits, fire safety permits, and environmental health permits.

Planning and Zoning

Local and regional planning departments are pressed with overseeing the land management process. In order to process applications, a municipal or county planning department follows many different workflow steps. The Govern software helps improve the department's efficiency by guiding every development application through the process in a speedy manner without errors. Planning and zoning personnel can track revisions to plans through its built-in integration with leading document management systems and imaging viewers. For each activity step in the development process, planners can keep notes describing the details of each activity. All planning and zoning staff with the appropriate access rights and privileges can review the status of each and every file along with a detailed record and trail of events. With the Workflow Management module and its integrated public hearing function, public hearings are scheduled, announced and distributed to affected citizens using the Multimedia function. The Govern software helps the Planning and Zoning department manage the development review process, council and/or planning board meetings along with final resolution.

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