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Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA)

Your Appraisal & Assessment Suite

The Govern Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) module gives Assessors, Appraisers and Modelers a complete set of valuation and administration tools that are integrated with GIS mapping features to follow the business flow of:

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Based on a 30-year proven relational data model and common value approaches (Cost, Market, Comparable Sales and Income), the Govern CAMA (Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal) Suite produces reliable and accurate results which also apply if or when an assessment must be defended through the appeal process  The Govern CAMA Suite is specifically designed to satisfy the Assessor/Appraiser primary mandate which is to arrive at values that are consistent, reliable, accurate, equitable and defensible  It simply provides jurisdictions efficient ways to manage a fair and equitable property tax assessment.

Integrated with Govern Central, Permitting, Request for Information, and Tax, the CAMA Suite is able to share all information within the database since permits are automatically made available to the Assessors, while assessment data is immediately made available to the Tax Collectors/Receivers/Treasurers when creating the rax roll. This Suite improves accuracy, increases efficiencies and establishes better communication between staff, departments and constituents.

Assessment Appeals Management is one of the basic functions provided in this Suite as it provides users with appraisal reports in response to an appeal. It retains all forms, letters, comparable sale grids and any other documentation sent to a property owner. Users can easily schedule hearing dates and times through multi-year appeals. This function tracks all appeals related information such as certified tax roll history values, petitioner requested values, appraiser recommended values and board ordered values It also generates stipulation agreements, hearing notices and final orders with all tracking needs.

Among its many benefits, the CAMA Suite:

  • Maintains unlimited building inventory items with a flexible model design
  • Employs vector-based sketching with multiple sketches per property
  • Allows for actual or simulated economical comparisons with multiple adjustments
  • Provides enhanced security and what-if scenarios
  • Enables your Appraisers to perform all appraisal functions in the field
  • And many more.

Integrated with GISView, users can easily view, directly select or query both spatial and tabular data with a click of a button and display the results on the map.

Through the eGovern Web Publishing capabilities, you could provide a controlled and secured access since you could extend as little or as much assessment data as you want to enable to the Web.

Complementary Modules to the Govern CAMA Suite 

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