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Govern Business Occupancy Appraisal

The Business Occupancy module is designed to accommodate your needs when managing and assessing leased properties. The business assessment process will result in the creation of an annual rental value when assessing the occupancy of a premise/business space.

The Business Occupancy module produces reliable and accurate results based on data models and income valuation approach. This module allows for the set up of comprehensive user-definable tables containing the information needed to support the valuation methodology. It makes maximum use of rate and characteristic tables, so that users can easily and instantly update records. In addition, the table-driven structure enables the data and the valuation methodologies to be configured to meet the needs of any jurisdiction.

The premises that are leased and occupied by a business are assessed through the Business Occupancy module where links between parcels, buildings and names are managed accordingly.  Premises could be defined with or without business occupants and they could have unlimited names, owners, trustees, etc., associated with them. Multiple premises could be linked to one particular parcel.

Users will work with the audit information, building structural elements, class & liability, and values in order to manage the income assessment process. The business assessment process will integrate many factors in its assessment calculation such as rental, occupancy costs, building structural elements, etc. Any unoccupied premises are not factored into the process and are excluded from the assessment process and the issuance of an assessment notice is directed to the premise occupant.

Full and unlimited history for each assessment year is maintained and is readily accessible to authorized users. Comparisons can be made between data rendered in different years in order to detect omissions and/or inconsistencies.

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