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Govern Property Assessment

Whether you are an Assessor, Chief Appraiser or Surveyor, the Govern Property Assessment modules comprise one reliable and accurate appraisal system with a proven relational data model and integration with best of breed assessor's tools. Click on a topic below for more details.

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The Govern CAMA (Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal) module gives Assessors, Appraisers and Modelers a complete set of valuation and administration tools that are integrated with GIS mapping features to follow the business flow of real and personal property.

Based on a 20-year proven relational data model and common value approaches (Cost, Market, Comparable Sales and Income), the CAMA module produces reliable and accurate results which also apply if or when an assessment must be defended through the appeal process. Comprehensive comp sheets, ratio analysis and a CAMA valuation sheet that lists all items on a property and the dollar results of each component help automate the document management process.

GIS functionality from business partner ESRI is integrated so users can visually display influences such as location for water lines, flood areas, zoning and political boundaries.

The Govern CAMA module gives jurisdictions efficient ways to manage a fair and equitable property tax assessment. Read more.

Govern WebGIS: Combining Microsoft’s Silverlight technology with software from leading GIS solution provider, Esri

EsriGovern WebGIS is a Web-based application that acts as a front end for querying and viewing MS Govern databases that have been synchronized with an Esri Geo database.Govern WebGIS is a Web-based application that acts as a front end for querying and viewing MS Govern databases that have been synchronized with an Esri Geo database. Govern WebGIS harnesses the power of ArcGIS Server's mapping, geocoding and geoprocessing capabilities. Results from Govern WebGIS can be exported to Microsoft ExcelTM or transferred to Govern's external tables for further use in Govern's Land Management and Property Assessment modules. Find out more.

Personal Property

The Govern Personal Property module is designed to accommodate the needs of jurisdictions and users like Tax Collectors and Assessors when cataloging and assessing the value of any property or business that is deemed "personal" or "tangible" property and can be moved without damage to itself or the real estate (e.g. equipment, furniture, supplies, machinery, livestock). Within this module, personal property inventories can be entered as line items and quickly accessed for calculations and flexible billing. All information is recorded within the Personal Property Assessment function, which stores general information such as business name, address, account number, as well as inventory, assessment and tax details.

Property Information

The backbone of the Govern Community Development Suite is the Property Information module. It lets users see all current and past activities on any given parcel of land. Through the Property Information module, users with appropriate access rights can also create, add, maintain or track unlimited addresses, ownerships and occupant data as well as property-related variable and structure information for each land parcel. Users can also subdivide (Split) and consolidate (Merge) parcel records and track the history of parent parcels after subdivisions and consolidations. Combined with GIS data, the Property Information module provides a powerful inventory of your organization's parcel base.

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