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Information Technology can often play an important role in helping local governments achieve their environmental goals. MS Govern is committed to minimizing the carbon footprint of our organization and yours, which is why we encourage you to explore the following eco-friendly, Web-based modules. Our modules reduce paper waste, increase employee efficiency, and demonstrate your sustainability efforts to citizens.  

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MS Govern is proud to highlight Municipalities who recognize the importance of protecting our environment. See who's leading the charge for change.  


What IS eForms?

  • eForms is an online data collection tool.
  • eForms is an online information routing and approval tool.
  • eForms is an online data export tool.

Why Use It?

  • Go Global! eForms lets citizens and employees enter information from anywhere they have access to the Internet.
  • Go Green! eForms encourages a paperless environment through the use of online entry, approval and export.
  • Go Team! eForms automation can help reduce the amount of effort it takes to process change requests.

What Can I Do with It?

With eForms, you can create almost any kind of form you'd like.

  • Employment Application
  • Employee Benefit Change
  • Position Requisition
  • Leave Request
  • Personnel Change Request
  • Timesheet
  • Purchase Order
  • Work Order
  • Vendor Change Request
  • Business License Application
  • Utility Shut-off Notice
  • Equipment Requisition

You also have the option to:

  • Create an eForms database with sample questions.
  • Design eForms specifically for your organization's business process reviews, as well as set up and processing training.
  • Integrate eForms with your database.
  • Create an add-on form library for each Govern module. Benefits:
    -Includes database integration
    -Allows custom forms

Integration Technology

Govern Public Portal

The Govern Public Portal is an eGovernment application that contains a set of modules that provide citizens and professionals public access via the Internet in order to apply, query, request and view information. The ability to make online transactions regarding permits, inspections, real property tax, utility billing, tax assessment, personal property, special assessment, complaints status and multimedia documents brings a new level of efficiency to managing a jurisdiction's information.

The winning advantage of Govern's Public Portal is the enhancement of services offered to your community through quick, efficient communications to citizens, professionals and contractors. Personnel are provided a complete working environment to better maintain and support constituents effectively, economically, instantly and securely. The Govern Public Portal application suite lets you offer as much, or as little online information as you choose. This inherent flexibility gives you room to grow when you choose to. Read more.

Enhanced Employee Self Service Portal

Paper processing is costly, and often results in inaccuracies, misfiling, or delays in physical handling and delivery. Reduce your costs and increase employee satisfaction by offering them 24/7 access to paystubs, tax declarations, W-2 forms and more. MS Govern's new and more robust Employee Self Service Portal (ESSP) is fully integrated with the Govern Payroll/HR modules.

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Our eco-friendly, Web-based Employee Self Service Portal contains enhanced features, including:

  • Address Management: Employees can view and change their personal account information, such as their home address.

Address Change_ESS

  • Approval Routing: Employee changes are automatically submitted to the proper supervisor for approval when necessary (i.e. entering time, address changes, etc.).
  • Electronic Pay Statements: Employees can view electronic versions of their paystubs, as well as tax (W2) information.

ESSP pay statement

  • Electronic Timesheets: Web-based access for all employees to enter their weekly time worked.
  • Employee Profile: Shows important information such as leave balances, tax elections, direct deposits, benefit elections, and much more.

Susan Eubanks, a Business Application Services Coordinator with the St. John's River Water Management District, has this to say about MS Govern's Employee Self Service Portal:

"The St Johns River Water Management District is committed to the environment and has specific "Green" initiatives. As part of the paper reduction program, we implemented the Employee Self Service Portal (ESSP) which eliminated the need to distribute paper copies of our direct deposits. We also store electronic images of all direct deposit notices, and other checks issued to vendors, employees and board members in our Document Management Storage System.

"Recently, we implemented an email notification for travel and other direct deposit notifications, which replaced the need for paper copies, staff time, and postage costs related to distributing these notices. We are pleased that MS Govern has worked closely with us to meet this commitment."

We're confident that once you experience the many ways ESSP can save your organization time and money, you won't ever want to go back to traditional paper processing-and you won't have to! 

MS Govern Develops Integration into FileNexus Document Management System

We are very excited to announce that we are integrating an extremely powerful and secure document management application called FileNexusTM (powered by Loris Technologies) with our Govern modules. This solution will save you time, money and help save the environment.

Most organizations have mission critical records spread across host systems, PCs, filing cabinets, email servers, microfilm and so on. Simply finding information when you need it can be a huge task - let alone keeping it secure and compliant to ever increasing regulations.

FileNexus takes all of that information, indexes and organizes it to your own unique needs and makes it instantly available to the desktop. Imagine having a single system that allows you to easily recall any record from any system, right from your desktop, thereby eliminating paper filing forever.

You can now access documents stored in FileNexus directly from within the Govern database. Applications for service, purchase orders, invoices, as well as employee applications, reviews and email correspondence are all available for immediate review and directly associated with the customer and account. Below are links to videos that show this integration in action.

Once a document is recalled within FileNexus, you can add global or personal notes, blackout sensitive data, highlight data, and more without ever altering the original. Then you can send the original document (with or without your edits) into workflows for approvals, and/or distributed via email, fax or print directly from your Govern screen.

To learn more about the FileNexus application, click here. FileNexus is fully integrated with the Govern Financials and Govern Payroll/HR modules. To see the Govern and FileNexus integration in action, contact us.

Govern WebGIS: Combining Microsoft’s Silverlight technology with software from leading GIS solution provider, Esri

EsriGovern WebGIS is a Web-based application that acts as a front end for querying and viewing MS Govern databases that have been synchronized with an Esri Geo database.Govern WebGIS is a Web-based application that acts as a front end for querying and viewing MS Govern databases that have been synchronized with an Esri Geo database. Govern WebGIS harnesses the power of ArcGIS Server's mapping, geocoding and geoprocessing capabilities. Results from Govern WebGIS can be exported to Microsoft ExcelTM or transferred to Govern's external tables for further use in Govern's Land Management and Property Appraisal modules. Find out more.

Harris Payment Gateway: Online Payment Processing Center

Would you like to integrate Web payments with your Govern software?

Does your city, town or municipality already accept online payments, but you'd like to streamline your processes and reduce processing costs?

Would you like to broaden your citizens' online payment options by allowing them to pay by ACH, echeck, credit card or direct pay?

Do you need a more effective and less costly credit card processing solution?

Is your organization looking for innovative ways to reduce its carbon footprint?

Now you can do all of these things with our integrated online payment service, Harris Payment Gateway.

Harris Payment Gateway offers online payment systems and POS software for government entities including credit card, direct pay and echeck transactions. It consolidates ALL of your organization's payment methods, integrates them with your Govern software, and seamlessly updates your customer/citizen accounts-all while saving you and your staff time and money.

  • Offer up-to-date account information to your citizens
  • Provide your citizens a variety of ways to pay their bills
  • Reduce your organization's payment processing costs and its carbon footprint

Learn how Harris Payment Gateway can become YOUR payment processing center today.

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