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Govern Personal Property Appraisal

The Personal Property module is designed to accommodate your needs when cataloguing and assessing the value of any property deemed "Personal" property that is not "Real" property.

It supports the appraisal and assessment of all tangible and non-tangible personal property, such as machinery, equipment, furniture, supplies, leased equipment, movable machinery, livestock, etc., as well as motor vehicles, mobile homes and boats.  This module supports both industry standard and state-specific, as well as client-specific valuation methodologies at either detail or summary levels.

Inventory management provides the foundation for establishing uniform procedures to accurately maintain and account for owned or leased Personal Property.  The centralized Govern database provides the capability to link accounts for personal property, real property, and/or business property on a parcel by parcel and/or owner by owner basis for both analysis and reporting purposes.

The module computes the assessed values, through a detailed breakdown view, based on the age of the personal property item. Personal property records can be divided into categories and then further defined as an item. The value of a personal property category can be excluded from the total inventory value of the categories and items. Also, the personal property category can be excluded from the Assessment function of the Personal Property module.

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