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Govern Integrations and Interfaces

Your organization may wish to interface the Govern suites with other modules, such as third-party cash register systems. We have designed our systems using a standard format Application Program Interface (API) for every input screen.

Using the API, incoming data is validated and can be edited as if the data were entered manually. MS Govern can help you interface with third-party cash register systems, investment and treasury management systems, various hand-held devices for utility meter readings (such as Logicon and Sensus), inventory and fixed asset counts.

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Instantly Verify and Correct Address Data at Point of Entry

"Industry experts estimate that up to 60 percent of a company's database is bad; resulting in duplicate records, returned mail, address correction fees, lost opportunities, and dissatisfied customers." - www.melissadata.com

MelissaDataMS Govern's embedded Melissa Data Package enables address verification completely integrated with the Name and Address and Property Location Maintenance functions within the Govern Property Information module. The Melissa Object ensures that a valid address is being recorded, and it will reduce the cost of bulk mailings by generating the ZIP+4 code.

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QuesticaQuestica TeamBudget

 is the leading provider of budget preparation and budget management software systems. It’s called TeamBudget. We offer simple solutions for complex budgets. At Questica that’s more than just a slogan. Simply put, TeamBudget makes your budget preparation a less stressful, more efficient experience.

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iNovah Centralized Cash CollectioniNovah

iNovah is an enterprise-wide Cashiering and Payment Management System that offers centralized audit, deposit and financial reporting of all payment activity across an organization. Developed in .NET, the browser-based solution uses Web services to connect to back end systems such as utility, tax, permit, licensing, fees, fines, etc. With iNovah, MS Govern clients can offer their citizens a one-stop-shop to transact all of their business at the counter or on the Web.

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AP TechnologySecureCheck-Pro 7 Check Printing Software System 

SecureCheck-Pro 7 check printing software merges your MSGovern accounting data to blank stock to create secure checks and forms.  SecureCheck-Pro 7 enhances security with event notifications, audit trails, event logs, and more, and streamlines your process by automating manual tasks such as account selection, sorting, and check signing. Contact Steve Fisher for details.

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From Loris Technologies: FileNexus - A Powerful Document Management System

We are very excited to announce that we are integrating an extremely powerful and secure document management application called FileNexus™ with our MS Govern systems. This solution will save you time, money and help save the environment.

Most organizations have mission critical records spread across host systems, PCs, filing cabinets, email servers, microfilm and so on. Simply finding information when you need it can be a huge task - let alone keeping it secure and compliant to ever increasing regulations.

FileNexus takes all of that information, indexes and organizes it to your own unique needs and makes it instantly available to the desktop. Imagine having a single system that allows you to easily recall any record from any system, right from your desktop, thereby eliminating paper filing forever.
Learn more.

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Attendance EnterpriseWeb-Enabled Employee Time Tracking System

Attendance Enterprise is a Web-enabled employee time tracking system designed specifically to address complex time and attendance processing and reporting needs of the most demanding organizations. Designed for ease of use, Attendance Enterprise provides an integrated labor management system to automate, manage and analyze employee time-keeping data. Time entry and leave request data flows easily from Attendance Enterprise to the Govern Payroll module when it's time to pay your employees.

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Harris Payment GatewayHarris Payment Gateway: Online Payment Processing Center

Harris Payment Gateway offers online payment systems and POS software for government entities including credit card, direct pay and echeck transactions. It consolidates ALL of your organization's payment methods, integrates them with your MS Govern software, and seamlessly updates your customer/citizen accounts--all while saving you and your staff time and money.
Learn more.

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