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MS Govern's newly developed web-based GIS Silverlight application combines Microsoft's Silverlight technology with software from leading GIS solution provider, Esri.

EsriGovern GISView is a Web-based application that acts as a front end for querying and viewing MS Govern databases that have been synchronized with an Esri Geo database. Govern GISView harnesses the power of ArcGIS Server's mapping, geocoding and geoprocessing capabilities.

Users that create GIS maps with Esri's ArcEditor that reside in an Esri GeoDatabase can now have this data synchronized with an MS Govern database. With Esri's ArcGIS Server software, GIS data is distributed through services over the Web.

The principal function of Govern GISView is to let you easily to view, directly select, or query a database with GIS information using a map as an interface. The map lets users of the Govern system visually select their parcels and retrieve related information.

Govern GISView is complete with the navigation tools required to interact with a GIS map such as zooming, panning, and measurement tools for linear distances and areas. You can also create bookmarks for returning to views of interest, and perform spatial selection queries with a variety of drawing tools. You can generate query results and reports in the application with the installation of Crystal Reports runtime. Query results obtained from Governs' external tables can be imported into Govern GISView. Results from Govern GISView can be exported to Microsoft ExcelTM or transferred to Govern's external tables for further use in Govern's Land Management and Govern Property Appraisal modules.

When GISView is accessed through Govern, it zooms to and displays the parcel(s) selected within the Govern Software.  In addition to tabular search queries, GISView allows for a variety of spatial selections tools (point, rectangle, circle, polygon, etc.) in which to select or edit parcel record sets.  Through user-defined queries, users can view:

  • Assessed Values;
  • Outstanding Tax Payments;
  • All Permits, Complaints, Offenses and Violations;
  • District, Area, Neighborhood, etc.;
  • Owner's details and historical ownership; and more
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