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We are very excited to announce that we are integrating an extremely powerful and secure document management application called FileNexus with our MS Govern systems. This solution will save you time, money and help save the environment.

Most organizations have mission critical records spread across host systems, PCs, filing cabinets, email servers, microfilm and so on. Simply finding information when you need it can be a huge task - let alone keeping it secure and compliant to ever increasing regulations.

FileNexus takes all of that information, indexes and organizes it to your own unique needs and makes it instantly available to the desktop. Imagine having a single system that allows you to easily recall any record from any system, right from your desktop, thereby eliminating paper filing forever.


You can now access documents stored in FileNexus directly from within the MS Govern system. Applications for service, purchase orders, invoices, as well as employee applications, reviews and email correspondence are all available for immediate review and directly associated with the customer and account. 

Once a document is recalled within FileNexus, you can add global or personal notes, blackout sensitive data, highlight data, and more without ever altering the original. Then you can send the original document (with or without your edits) into workflows for approvals, and/or distributed via email, fax or print directly from your MS Govern screen.

The demo link listed below provides a brief overview - it's impressive and only takes a few minutes to watch. There is a short introduction that leads to a menu so you can drill into areas of specific interest (make sure your volume is turned on).

We are offering some very special incentives for early adopters of the MS Govern Document Management Solution. To see the integration in action, please contact Trisha Murray, V.P. of Client Services & Communications at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 1-800-561-8168 ext 5254.



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