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CityView Planning

Track and manage all types of planning and development applications from beginning to end, reviewing and meeting mandated milestones along the way. CityView Planning provides you with powerful data that ensures you always have an answer when someone needs to know what's going on and why.

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The Power of CityView Planning

  • Automate and monitor complex business processes to ensure that projects follow the plan guidelines set out for your jurisdiction. Autogenerate approval tracks, process milestones and submittal requirements and track associated permits and cases.
  • Manage the review process with a hearings scheduling tool that lets you manage the number of applications to be reviewed on the agenda, automatically generates attendance lists for hearings and tracks external reviews.
  • Ensure you're meeting your deadlines with a series of reports that show the current status of all planning projects as well as the actual time spent on reviews rather than just the start and finish dates.
  • Create a project record history by attaching site plans, digital photos, aerial photos and all other related documents to the application to create a permanent record of the project's activities.
  • Easily view spatial information, such as land use, zoning and demographic data related to a plan and make informed decisions. Based on the latest Esri ArcGIS Server technology, maps are embedded directly within the CityView Desktop.
  • Easily manage drawdown of deposits, bonds and escrows and receive notifications when specified limits are reached.

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