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The CityView Portal has been completely redesigned using the latest ASP.NET technology and provides citizens of municipalities with a public portal. CityView Web forms have a crisp, modern look-and-feel and searching is as easy as typing your name! With more online features than ever before, the new CityView Portal is fully aware of CityView Desktop's configuration, including custom attribute fields and business rules. It is also integrated with LaserFiche document management, and online payment processors such as iTransact and PayFlow Link.

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The CityView Portal allows unlimited anonymous and registered users access to forms and reports that come standard with the CityView PreBuilts. This Web-based interface uses the same backend database as the PreBuilts, but is designed for public use in a variety of ways including: ease of use, security, and general functionality. Using this public portal, citizens and contractors can initiate code cases, apply for over-the-counter permits, view public information regarding specific properties, and so forth. The functionality offered is specific to the needs of municipal constituents, including citizens and contractors. The design is consistent with typical Web browser use and is aimed at a user-base that is otherwise untrained in CityView.

What can you do with this advanced module?

  • Check business license status. By signing into the public portal, citizens can obtain up-to-date status information pertaining to their business license or business license application, and check to see which fees they still owe.
  • Apply for a permit. Citizens may apply for simple, over-the-counter permits online. These permits would typically require no plan reviews and would have easy-to-calculate fees. If the user chooses to pay their permit fees online, the system will automatically generate a payment receipt, issue the permit, and allow the user to immediately print their permit. The user will also have the option to come into the municipal office to pay for and pick up their permit.
  • Check permit status. By signing into the public portal, citizens can obtain up-to-date status information pertaining to the permits they have applied for using the CityView Portal.
  • Schedule permit inspections. Permit applicants can check the list of outstanding inspections and request a date for the next inspection. The system will generate a printable receipt for the inspection request. Inspection status remains requested until the appointment is confirmed by municipal staff.
  • Pay permit fees. By signing into the public portal, citizens can pay fees they owe for one or more permit applications at their own convenience: online, anytime.
  • View citizen complaints. Citizens can log complaints which will be instantly viewable by municipal staff members who deal with code/by-law enforcement incidents. Users enter complaint details, associate the complaint with a property, and add their contact information to the case.
  • Check complaint status. Using a system-generated tracking number, citizens can obtain up-to-date status information pertaining to the cases they have entered.
  • Pay code/by-law enforcement fees and/or fines. By signing in to the public portal, citizens can pay any fees and/or fines they owe on a code/by-law enforcement case.
  • Check planning application status. By signing in to the public portal, citizens can obtain up-to-date status information pertaining to their planning application, including checking the status of submittals, reviews, and fees.
  • View hearings. Citizens can examine planning development approval agenda for upcoming hearings of the Planning Commission or Council and can also obtain a list of invitees.

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