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CityView Integrations & Interfaces

Over the years, MS Govern has worked with hundreds of vendors to ensure our customers always benefit from the latest technologies. Our CityView customers the enjoy additional functionality of document and content management; automatic scheduling; and automatic plan review from our partnerships with the following vendors:

Document/Content Management Providers

CityView customers have several document/content management vendors to choose from, including:

Fortis document management by Westbrook Technologies, Inc.

Fortis, a comprehensive document management software suite from Westbrook Technologies, provides superior document-handling solutions by leveraging the advantages offered by client/server technology and Microsoft's Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) architecture. Fortis operates as a true client/server system with the database engine installed on a dedicated database server, the client software installed on a shared network server, and client workstations configured to access both the shared-client server and the database server. Fortis interfaces with our CityView suite. 


LaserficheMS Govern's professional development partnership with Laserfiche stems from the natural symbiosis between the roles they fulfill for municipalities. A necessary output of customer service in Land Management departments is documents, images and correspondence, the recording and storage of which is critical. The business processes tracked and automated in CityView on behalf of customers generate such documentation and the need to relate document records to applications, permits, cases and licenses. Laserfiche provides a structured and safe method for storing and archiving such records. The integration achieved between the two products is seamless.

Laserfiche is a successful provider of Electronic Document Management, Content Management and Records Management solutions to over 3,500 state and local government customers in North America.


With just one click, CityView users can launch the Stellent viewer and transfer important content into the Stellent document management system.

Stellent's best-of-breed ECM solutions encompass Document and Records Management, Web Content Management, Digital Asset Management, Imaging and Business Process Management, Information Rights Management, and Risk and Compliance. Stellent's products are rated as a leader by independent technology analyst firms including Gartner Group, Forrester Research, and IDC and have won a number of awards from leading technology and developer publications.

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Automatic Scheduling by Microsoft Exchange

During the inspection scheduling process, business rules are evaluated to determine who is eligible to be assigned to the inspection. That person/group is tested for availability on the desired day using a platform-level integration with Microsoft Exchange and if available, the assignment is made in CityView and the appointment is placed on the inspector's Outlook Calendar.

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Integrated Voice Response (IVR) by Selectron Technologies

SelectronAs a technology partner of nearly 340 clients, Selectron is committed to providing exceptional integration expertise for implementing interactive solutions with custom and software database applications. In addition, they have had extensive success in creating custom interfaces that allow their clients to integrate their technology with data that is not normally accessible through a standard application programming interface (API). Selectron has the proficiency you need to ensure your interactive voice, web, or mobile solution can securely access your CityView data.

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