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The mapping functionality embedded in CityView 9 dramatically streamlines the integration between CityView and GIS. With ArcEngine-based integration, maps are embedded directly within the CityView Desktop and are accessed from the Desktop Catalog.

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Maps can be viewed separately within the CityView Desktop, or CityView application developers can drop map controls on data entry sheets to tightly integrate GIS into CityView-driven business processes.  This configuration provides several functional advantages, for example:

  • CityView 9 is able to use any spatial data supported by ESRI and is able to use any maps (.mxd and .pmf) defined using ESRI tools and can be filtered by the client through the permissions and role capabilities of the CityView security model. This means you can define the GIS information available to users based upon their role - providing more immediate access to the information your users require to make business decisions.
  • Users have the ability to embed a GIS map directly into a CityView form that is automatically synchronized to the CityView context, and vice versa.
  • The ability to perform spatial queries of GIS resources and display the results of searches - all from within CityView. Users don't have to change programs to access key GIS information.

CityView with ArcEngine provides additional selection capabilities. Users can also use CityView to do adjacent and buffered spatial queries to select all of the parcels (and addresses) from properties near a specific parcel or location. By simply clicking on a property displayed in the map users are able to view the corresponding data in CityView. As users move between records in CityView the map selections automatically synchronize.

Mapping data can also be configured to display CityView-generated data (such as permit/Code/license/inspection activity) as attributes on GIS maps. MS Govern is committed to continuously improving CityView to leverage the advancements made by our partners, such as ESRI. This provides users with the ability to select properties based upon GIS information then use the selection to send notices, updates or other user defined documentation.

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