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CityView Code/Bylaw Enforcement

Track and manage your code/by-law enforcement issues from citizen complaint to case resolution. Created on the principles of priority-based inspector workflow management, CityView Code/Bylaw Enforcement ensures your department provides consistent, efficient services.

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The Power of CityView Code/Bylaw Enforcement

  • Automate and track case activities in a central database accessible by all departments. Create an audit trail of your entire process from start to finish including an unlimited number of violations per case, dispositions and case-generated hearings and appeals, ensuring that all case milestones are met.
  • Create a permanent case history that includes digital photos and all other documentation related to a case. Quickly generate and attach professional, personalized correspondence and easily transact citations.
  • Effortlessly organize inspection activities with automatic inspection deadlines, daily rosters and automatic case assignment based on geography, case type or other. Generate a daily inspections roster, including links to all case pertinent information that Inspectors can access at their desk or in the field in connected or disconnected mode.
  • Relate code/bylaw enforcement violations to parcels ensuring that all departments are aware of outstanding violations and can respond accordingly in fulfilling permit and inspection requests as well as other permissions.
  • Utilize intuitive mapping tools to create a spatial representation of code/bylaw enforcement violations and easily assess trend data.
  • Ensure accountability with powerful reporting tools that allow you to review the number of inspections completed by Inspector over a given time period and their case workload.

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