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CityView Benefits

Benefits of CityView's Community Development solutions include:

Automate Business Processes

Increase user productivity by streamlining workflow and business processes.

  • Automate Workflows
    Automate common business processes related to Community Development activities with predefined workflows that save time by providing you with the tools to manage and track assignments; define deadlines; automatically generate subsequent activities and create a record of your business processes.
  • Optimize Data Capture
    Accurate information from each of the workflow activities is captured through a series of intuitive, easy-to-use forms that prompt the end-user for required data. 
  • Increase Revenue
    Eliminate inaccurate fee collection with an integrated fees module that enables you to automatically configure, calculate and collect fees using even the most complex fee structure.

Find and Use Information

Empower users by making it easier to find and use information.

  • Centralized Access
    Centralized data access allows all staff to view all information associated with an application, case or plan including documents and images instantly. 
  • Easy Navigation
    Powerful search and sorting capabilities save users time by quickly finding everything related to a case or permit.
  • Access Data Externally
    A number of remote or disconnected options allow users to access information anywhere - at the office, at home, or in the field - reducing transit times and data entry duplication.
    Allow your constituents to access Community Development services - inspection scheduling, permit applications and property information - on the web; reducing your frontline staff's workload and ensuring that your constituents service demands are met.

Map Your Way

Easily view spatial information.

  • Maximize Your Spatial Information
    Integrated GIS capabilities allow, even non-GIS staff, to quickly locate a job location on a map; measure distance, boundaries and areas, create adjacent and buffered spatial queries for mailing lists and export information to other departmental systems.  Further, all staff have the ability to view the complete activity history of a given parcel.

Meet Changing Business Needs

Customize and configure CityView to meet your evolving needs.

  • Be Flexible
    Preconfigured, built-in process and workflows based on best practices ensure immediate ROI.
  • Design a Custom Application
    Intuitive customization tools allow you to grow your CityView PreBuilts as your organization grows and to create your own unique applications like an Asset Maintenance Tracking system. 

Improve Reporting

Accurately identify and track successes and issues in real time.

  • Out-of-the-box Reports
    Detailed out-of-the-box reports provide immediate visibility on daily business activities such as the status of all Building Permits, while statistical and summary reports allow you to track performance metrics such as the number of cases assigned to each Inspector.
  • Customized Reports
    CityView PreBuilts' powerful ad hoc reporting abilities that allow users to extract precisely the information they require. Enhanced searching, filtering, sorting and data export features are combined with a flexible reporting engine to maximize your reporting potential. And the ability to export the data to common file formats like Excel and PDF means that you can easily share that information with the rest of your team.

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