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Testimonials for MS Govern's CAFR Unlimited Reporting Solution

Alice Jackson from the City of Abilene, TX wrote in to compliment CAFR Unlimited guru Joy Richardson on her lastest webinar series.
"Joy, I wanted to thank you for doing the Webinar Series on the Statement of Net Assets, Statement of Activities and especially the Cash Flow Statements. This was the first year that the City of Abilene used CAFR Unlimited to prepare our CAFR.  Much to my surprise, I was able to use the copies of the GASB 34 templates to prepare our statements for this year's CAFR.  It didn't take nearly as long as I thought to prepare them.  Doing the cash flow statements in CAFR, I thought at the time, would be too difficult so I just created them in excel.  After today's training session, I can see that it's possible and maybe not as difficult as I first thought."

"Joy, it was really good visiting with you at the GFOA conference.  We appreciate the support we get from MS Govern with the CAFR Unlimited product and your willingness to work with us to address issues as they arise.  The work you all did for us in converting the database to the new chart of accounts enabled us to continue CAFR report writing with the same consistency and accuracy that we have enjoyed and come to rely on for many years."
--Claretha N. Harris, CPA; Chief Deputy Director, Finance Division - Pinellas County, FL

“This past year using CAFR Unlimited we were able to upload our data, print the financial statements and check the financial statements against our general ledger all within about an hour. It was by far the easiest year in terms of financial statement preparation for our audit we have had in a while.”
-Jake Harper, CPA; Accounting Manager, City of Bentonville, AR

“In our first year of using CAFR Unlimited, we were able to produce our own CAFR reports with very little assistance from our auditors. Previously our auditors prepared all of our reports for us and we just proofed them. In FY09 we prepared all of our own reports and the auditors proofed them! We saved over $30k in additional audit fees that our auditors used to charge us to prepare the CAFR—enough to cover all the CAFR Unlimited fees that we incurred, including the training!

The second year—and all subsequent years—will be actual cash savings. Not to mention that it is our own internal staff that prepares the CAFR. The CAFR Unlimited software has allowed us to successfully take responsibility for our own financial reporting!”
- Sarah D. Espelin, Audit CoordinatorNorth Slope Borough; Barrow, AK

"Joy, ...We had a successful audit and the auditors said that the CAFR 2000 output saved them about 14 hours of work. Thanks so much for all your help. Happy holidays!"
-Matt McBurnett, Senior Accountant, City of Rock Springs, WY

"Our organization purchased CAFR for the preparation of our fiscal 2008 GASB-34 financial statements after years of relying on outside expertise with only subpar results. Our first year’s experience with the principals, Ray Zimpher and Joy Richardson, exceeded our highest expectations.

We were up and running in no-time, having cross-referenced our internal financial reporting general ledger system to our new CAFR GASB-34 reporting system.

After only a half-dozen remote training sessions with Ray Zimpher instructing our accountants, the genius of the CAFR system was realized when we were able to generate our GASB 34 compliant Basic and Combining financial statements, together with last minute changes before going to print, with an ease and reliability we never thought possible.

The virtue of the CAFR system resides in its superbly conceived design, and now our accountants can focus on the conceptual and analytical aspects of our financials, confident in the knowledge that CAFR will adeptly handle the necessary mechanics involved in their creation.

The unparalleled technical expertise provided by Ray and Joy combines good old-fashioned customer service, an uncompromising attention to detail, and a commitment to client satisfaction that is seldom found in these times of quick-fix, makeshift management solutions.

We are now looking forward to deploying and leveraging the CAFR reporting tool to other areas of our organization’s financial reporting needs, now that CAFR’s multifaceted functionality and rich features are becoming evident to us."
- Noel Gianelli, Assistant Director of Finance, Seminole Tribe of Florida;
Hollywood, FL

"We just finished the FY03 CAFR and are now looking ahead to beginning FY04 with a full, experienced crew! I personally loved the software and couldn't imagine life without it."
- State of Maine - Bureau of Accounts & Control

"I purchased CAFR (Unlimited) in September 2003 without actually seeing the product. While this was somewhat a "risky" decision on my part, I felt the enthusiasm demonstrated by the users I contacted warranted taking a chance."

"From the start, this product has proven to be everything that is advertised and much more! I'm happy to report our very first CAFR produced by in-house staff is complete (including implementing GASB 34) and will be on its way in the next few days to the GFOA for consideration for their award in financial reporting. This will be our first submission for this award."

"Without question, our CAFR couldn't have been completed in such a timely fashion and with such a high degree of professionalism without the use of MS Govern's CAFR (Unlimited). While I rank the software as exceptional, the customer service you have provided is even better than exceptional. Thank you for developing this marvelous product and the support you have provided."
- Humboldt County, NV

"We just finished our first year with this package and couldn't be more pleased. We were able to publish our CAFR and present it to our board earlier than it's ever been done. CAFR (Unlimited) played a big part in this accomplishment."
- Virginia Beach, VA

"What a fantastic reporting tool CAFR (Unlimited) is! The product's chief objective is to make the government finance professional's job easier when preparing the C.A.F.R. and the best part is that it is GASB 34 compliant. I have really enjoyed setting up the various statements, reports, and schedules in the performance of my duties and making my life easier, in fact I even can produce our internal quarterly reports. Support has been and is very accessible, and helpful for any questions that you might have. The product has impressed me and I can say that we are very satisfied with CAFR (Unlimited) in the quality, accuracy and performance that it has given us."
- City of Deland, FL

"Like you to know that the program is great. I also appreciate the technical support that I have received since we have purchased the program. It seems that you can handle any situation that I run into."
- Cascade County, MT

"I have been working with CAFR (Unlimited) for several months. I have been pleased with the ease of using the system. It appears that it will handle GASB 34 very well. It is great to have a window's based system with programmers that are making a good product."
- Weld County, CO

"We have been working with the system for the last two years and we really like the ease of the Windows based system. The ability to export reports into Excel® makes the system more versatile. CAFR (Unlimited) has accommodated our requirements for implementation of GASB 34. We highly recommend CAFR (Unlimited)."
- State of WV, Financial Accounting & Reporting

"We want to thank you for all of your valuable assistance to us and for the outstanding performance of the CAFR system. The wonderful features of [MS Govern's CAFR Unlimited] software permitted us to make last minute revisions with minimal effort and markedly reduced turn-around time. Our CAFR generated fiscal 2008 financial statements are going to the printer today."
- Seminole Tribe of Florida; Hollywood, FL

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Top 10 Features

  1. CAFR Unlimited is a complete Ad-Hoc report writer, letting you easily design and produce almost any report format.

  2. CAFR Unlimited accepts nearly any account structure up to 50 characters in length.

  3. CAFR Unlimited accepts your G/L data from either an ASCII or EXCEL import file.

  4. CAFR Unlimited creates reports on ‘Non-GAAP', ‘GAAP' and ‘GASB 34' bases.

  5. CAFR Unlimited provides the tools to roll-up or combine virtually any group of accounts-whether or not they are related by account number-into any row or column.

  6. CAFR Unlimited provides the ‘Net' amount of any adjustment period so you can create the reconciliation that accompanies some statements.

  7. CAFR Unlimited performs the "Major/Minor Fund Calculation."

  8. CAFR Unlimited compares current and prior year account balances for Cash Flows and analytical purposes.

  9. CAFR Unlimited stores years of data in the database, thus providing historical resources that may not be available otherwise.

  10. CAFR Unlimited produces basically ‘Camera-Ready' reports that are directly placed into EXCEL as they are produced, letting you export them to PDF, WORD or other publication software.

CAFR Unlimited

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