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July 14, 2014

City of Winnipeg, MB Live on Govern CAMA!

We are pleased to announce the successful implementation and Go-Live of the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba with the Govern CAMA Suite.  The City's Assessment and Taxation Department is the first MS Govern customer to go live with the Govern OpenForms CAMA Suite.  "The City of Winnipeg required a system that could support a number of the unique business processes and activities we are required by law to provide.  We needed to undertake an extensive system of acceptance testing and pre-go-live training to ensure those needs could be met in preparation for full production deployment of the new system", said Mel Chambers (Director/City Assessor, Assessment and Taxation Department).   Mel Chambers and his staff were very appreciative of MS Govern's efforts to make the necessary system modifications to support their unique requirements.  A big thank you to Mel Chambers and his staff for working with MS Govern's Jeff Hohenstein and many others through the implementation and for making the project a success!  MS Govern will be sponsoring an event in Winnipeg during the upcoming Canadian Property Assessment Benchmarking Conference being hosting by the Assessment and Taxation Department in July.  

The City of Winnipeg Assessment and Taxation Department (ATD) is responsible for the delivery of assessment and taxation rolls in compliance with the Municipal Assessment Act (MAA) and the City of Winnipeg Charter. The ATD is responsible for approximately 220,000 realty parcels for an approximate 2014 assessment value of $80 billion and approximately 13,000 business assessment parcels with an approximate 2014 assessment value of $1.1 billion.

About Winnipeg...
Winnipeg lies at the geographic centre of North America. Winnipeg (population 742,408) is the capital city of Manitoba, a resource-rich province of 1.2 million people bordered by Ontario to the east, Saskatchewan to the west, and North Dakota and Minnesota to the south. The city is just 100 km (62 miles) from the United States. Winnipeg has become a significant grain centre on the American continent, the financial, commercial, wholesale and manufacturing centre of the Midwest, owing to its geographical position and its tremendous railway facilities, with branches reaching out in every direction.

Winnipeg's history is the tale of a prime meeting place at the junction of two rivers - the north-flowing Red and the east-flowing Assiniboine. Winnipeg is a welcoming gateway, a centre of commerce and trade, a centre for arts and culture, with a rich history and growing economic opportunity.

Winnipeg has the most diverse economy of major cities in Canada. Key industries include: transportation and distribution, aerospace, agribusiness, finance and insurance, life sciences and biotechnology, information and communications technology, media, tourism, electric power, apparel, furniture and advanced manufacturing. Winnipeg is also one of the most culturally diverse cities anywhere. Some 100 languages are represented in the region and Winnipeg is well known for its cultural achievements and flourishing arts scene.

Visit the City of Winnipeg website

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