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Meet MS Govern's Executive Team

MS Govern's leadership team:

Dean deVilleneuve

Dean deVilleneuve is Executive Vice President for Harris MS Govern. Dean joined Harris True Automation as a partner in 2000. Before joining Harris, he was a licensed realtor with the State of Texas. He began his career as an appraiser at Southwest Appraisal Company and Gregg County Appraisal District. As a former IT manager in local government, Dean gained firsthand experience in appraisal, collections, and GIS software.

While at Harris, Dean has provided leadership across multiple departments, including; Client Services, Systems, GIS, and Sales. These leadership roles have helped to build his knowledge of not only our organization, but of the customers' needs and an understanding of the market and industry standards.

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Angela Keeton

Angela Keeton is the Vice President of Support for Harris MS Govern. She joined Harris True Automation in 2006 as a support technician, and then was promoted to Support Manager in 2008. Before joining Harris True Automation, she was a registered property appraiser at the Gregg Appraisal District where she specialized in commercial appraisal. With her combined experience as a client, as well, as supporting our client base gives her a unique perspective in maintaining a positive client experience.

Angela holds a Bachelors in Management from Letourneau University.

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Will Wolfe

Will Wolfe is the Vice President of Sales for Harris MS Govern. Will joined Harris True Automation in 2014. Before joining Harris, he worked for Panasonic Systems Communication Company of North America in various technology platforms. Will's experience within the Government and State and Local space will help provide the foundation to build and strengthen our current and future partnerships.

Will attended the University of North Texas majoring in Business Administration. In addition, Will has completed various executive education courses through Columbia University, Harvard Business School, and The Wharton School.

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Fabrice Olivier

Fabrice Olivier is the Vice President of Research & Development for Harris MS Govern. Fabrice is responsible for all product development aspects of the Harris MS Govern product suite which includes Tax; CAMA; Land Management; Permitting & Inspections; Licensing and more.

Fabrice was one of the founders of Govern Software and the original system architect of the Community Management product line. He has more than 30 years of experience in the development of ERP solutions in the local government market, including 20 years in executive positions.

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Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright joined Harris MS Govern as the Vice President of Professional Services in August 2012. Prior to Harris MS Govern, Andrew served as the Deputy Assessor-Clerk & Recorder for San Mateo County California. As a member of the executive management team for the Assessor, Andrew managed the Fiscal Unit, Appraisal Support and the Information Technology Group. During his tenure at San Mateo County, Andrew was responsible for business and technology improvements in all areas of the department with a focus on Electronic Content Management, Web development, business process changes for the Assessor, Elections and Recorders offices, and the replacement of core business systems that had reached end of life.

As a part of the Harris True Automation management team, Andrew brings over 25 years of diverse experience as a senior level executive supporting business operations', software development & project implementations in both the private and government sectors. This experience includes the implementation of enterprise technology solutions throughout the US and overseas, including Antarctica.

Andrew attended the University of Tennessee majoring in Telecommunications; graduate studies included a nine month PMI certificate program at Colorado State University, and completion of the California State Board of Equalization 501 Appraiser Course.  In addition, Andrew has completed a variety of technical certifications and holds a commercial/instrument pilots license.

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