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MS Govern’s FREE Online Training: Upcoming Courses for October 2010

By Farrell Clancy | 09/20/2010

Don't miss the following courses for October 2010!  TS - GLI Training for FMS/HRMS UsersMike Sparks shows the GLI (Generalized… read more

Improve Your Check Processing with SecureCheck-Pro 7

By Farrell Clancy | 09/20/2010

New from MS Govern Partner AP Technology: SecureCheck-Pro 7 This MICR check and form printing software works hand-in-hand… read more

Does the Public Expect Too Much of Emergency Responders?

By Farrell Clancy | 09/09/2010

Dispatch Magazine On-Line sums up a Red Cross survey in which 69% of the 1,058 adults surveyed believe emergency… read more

How Walkable is Your City?

By Farrell Clancy | 08/26/2010

In this day and age where "sustainable living" is all the rage, and everyone seeks to reduce their carbon footprint,… read more

MS Govern’s FREE Online Training: Upcoming Courses for September 2010

By Farrell Clancy | 08/20/2010

Don't miss the following courses for September 2010! TS - GLI Training Mike Sparks shows the GLI (Generalized LINC interface)… read more

Partner Site Helps Track Gulf Oil Spill

By Farrell Clancy | 08/16/2010

MS Govern partner ESRI is putting their technology to good use. They've developed… read more

Why Attend the Harris User Conference?

By Farrell Clancy | 08/16/2010

1 - VALUE MS Govern users receive approximately 12 hours of training at the discounted conference rate, making the savings… read more

Top 5 Things You Can Do with the New Employee Self Service Portal (That You Couldn’t Before)

By Farrell Clancy | 08/16/2010

5 - Update your address, phone number or other profile information 4 - Search for and apply for internal job… read more

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