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The MS Govern Difference:
What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

"MS Govern provides tremendous software with amazing potential and power...the people you have are good people that care about the software and your business."
-- Peter House; Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AK

"I really enjoyed the entire process of the installation and training on the software. The MS Govern software is great software and the potential that it has for the City of Owatonna is unbelievable. I have never met nicer employees than the employees of MS Govern. Everyone there is so friendly and the help and support is wonderful."
--Brad Svenby, CPA; Finance Director - City of Owatonna, MN

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Customer Buzz on Implementation

Diana Hawryluk, Director of Planning and Development Services for Mountain View County, AB, had this to say on the County's recent go live with CityView's Permits and Inspections module:
"Go live was a success. Sean [Lucas] was great; we are very happy. Now that we are up and running we will be showing our new Council what the program can do!"

"The MS Govern CityView product is providing the flexibility we had been seeking in allowing our processes to be automated and to greatly expand access to live information for field inspections staff across multiple departments.  The MS Govern team maintained a strong commitment to our project goals and have been a good partner throughout the project; we look forward to continued success as we proceed to implement additional development process enhancements for our community."
--Randy Dickey
Chief Technology Officer
City of Lee's Summit, MO  

"We are excited about using CityView's configuration tools to help us continue to deliver a more business-friendly process now and in the future.  This product allows us to create consistent methods for data submission and evaluation, and to easily configure application types, business processes, fees, and reports to match our specific needs."
--Desiree Hourigan
Applications Administrator
City of Lee's Summit, MO 

"Shelby County's first use of HRMS for the 1/15/10 payroll was very successful with no conversion or system-related problems. The success was due to the extensive time commitment and dedication of our staff in Human Resources, the Payroll office and Information Technology along with support from the MS Govern staff.

The project HRMS I.T. team and other Shelby County support staff worked through the holiday season ensuring conversion would be complete and on schedule. This additional dedicated time and effort expended testing and reviewing data conversion; and the parallel testing of two complete payrolls; plus other testing and reviews, were obviously worthwhile and played a significant role in the success of the project."
--Audrey Stevenson-Tipton
Shelby County, TN 

"The I.T. staff was pleased that the conversion and implementation went as planned, with very few problems.  One distinguishing feature of the MSGovern product is the Conversion Workbook, which provided the I.T. staff with an easy-to-follow guide to conversion and implementation tasks.  This workbook included planning documents that helped us assign responsibilities, which helped us tremendously with the coordination and communication of projects details, so necessary for a project this size.

Now that we are live, I.T. looks forward to learning more about some of the advanced features that the product offers, such as screen designer, enhancing the look of our portal, QuickView reports, using perl scripts to automate tasks, etc.  We also would like to explore to possibility of interfacing the system with a timekeeping solution, and an e-procurement system."
--Lee Wessels
Lead Systems Analyst
Shelby County, TN

“Charu, I’ve said this before and I will say it again – You are a genius! You have helped us out immensely during our implementation and are always a joy to work with.”
--John Fusco
Accounting Manager
Vallecitos Water District, CA

"Thank you, Daniela...We REALLY appreciate how quickly you've completed this request, as well as everything you do. You're great!"
--Cindy Price
IT Supervisor
City of Lawton, OK

"Rickard, Thanks so much for all your help. The more I use MS Govern, the more I like it! I may contact you again but as it looks right now my confidence level and knowledge grows everyday. Again you are an exceptional teacher with an easy style, something I appreciated very much. Thanks again."
--Kathy Clayton
Bookkeeper, Treasurer's Office
Vigo County, Indiana

"We knew the conversion from our old home-grown system to a more modern system was going to be a huge undertaking. When the MS Govern team arrived on site for the kick-off meeting, we presented the team with seven large binders of documented processes and reports, slated for conversion into Govern. The MS Govern team has been incredibly helpful and professional in their ability to interpret our needs and very patient with our staff, making necessary corrections and adjustments as they have been identified. The Govern conversion team mapped and converted millions of records to get us to the system we have today."
--Rhonda Zak
Matanuska-Susitna, AK (Matsu)

Bonnie [Brown-Holmes],
"Thanks again for all of your help with this project [updating calculations for the 2010 tax year/changes to self reporting tax]. You have done it a world of good."
--Jessica Ping-Small
Accounting Manager
City of Durango, CO

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Customer Buzz on Training

Belinda Burnett, Software Analyst III for the City of Merced, CA wrote in with a thank you to Support team member Laura Mathis on her introduction to eSupport training:
"My compliments to you on your presentation! You have a great style. What I liked was that you had plan, did not jump around and answered questions with understanding. It was worth taking the time."

Jeffrey Blume, Director of Finance for the City of Ferguson, MO, writes:
"I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the GLI Training today [conducted by Mike Sparks on 3/1/12] 

I am writing because I want you to know how one of your more advanced user/customer's thinks of Harris Computer.

I have enough IT background, especially for an accountant, to make me a high end user. I have high expectations and I know the hoops I want my software to jump through. And generally I know how big the hoop is. That is why I would never use a product with less functionality and flexibility than GEMS. But I know how to get done what I need to get done with this product or I know how to approach the Harris resources to figure out how to get done what I need to get done.

Last year I hired a consultant to implement CAFR Unlimited. I use it both for CAFR and for monthly internal reporting. In implementing CAFR Unlimited we learned we first had to populate monthly budgets in GEMS. We [the consultant with a little direction from me] used GLI to accomplish that.

So, it is time for me to learn GLI. So when I saw this course offering just a couple of days ago, I changed my meeting schedule today to make sure I attended training. I now know I can and how to use GLI to populate any table. That's worth a "ton" to me.

Thank you for providing this product and this training."

Jennifer Yarid of the Town of North Andover, MA extended these warm words of praise to Business Analyst Karyn Slater after a recent Application Usage Assessment: "We totally enjoyed your visit. You're a perfect fit for what we need & so easy to talk to." Way to go Karyn!

"I wanted to thank you for sending Hervé as our business analyst. During his time here, he conducted himself with professionalism and patience, kindly working with our team to sort through the myriad of information regarding Govern. He asked guiding questions, helping our team members...and our users in developing the kind of skills needed to take ownership of [the software]. 

Hervé practiced patient rigor, had clarity of intent, and remained committed to delivering the needed road map for us to move forward with our plan to make Govern a crown jewel in our suite of information systems. I want to extend my appreciation to MS Govern for sending Hervé on site. He is the gold standard by which all vendors will be judged. Thank you."
---Peter House
Information Technology
Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AK

Feedback from Blake's online SkyView training:  "Great class!  It is exciting to get the training without leaving town.  I am looking forward to the advanced class next week.  The queries are especially helpful when compiling data for the ICMA benchmarking that our city participates in and also budgeting, etc. Thanks again, Patricia 'Trish' Hohenberg," City of Richland, WA
Deca Wasson at the City of Casper, WY said, "Thanks Blake!!!   Awesome presentation!!!"

"Let me say how much we appreciated the time we spent with Blake for CAFR training and Budget Preparation last week. After a full day of training on the CAFR and Budget Preparation, Blake made himself available to staff to discuss any questions we had regarding our specific responsibilities.  His depth of knowledge and unique ability to "zero in" and answer a question with clarity make us all more successful as we expand our skills in MS Govern. I know onsite training is the most "costly" method of training, but when you have someone like Blake delivering the product so effectively, the end result is a satisfied customer equipped with the tools to make the most of the product.  It was a great week!"
--Linda Dasse
Executive Assistant
City of Tracy, CA

"I would like to send a note of appreciation for the amazing job that Bill Albert and Hervé François did for their amazing training sessions. Both trainers provided a very thorough training that not just covered the material requested but also worked with us in resolving questions we had about site specific issues in Govern. Their training not only enlightened our users but ignited us to improve our systems internally.

"Both Bill and Hervé were easy to hear and understand, they knew the material very well, were friendly and professional, and ran very good training sessions. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering training with MS Govern. I would like to extend our appreciation for their good work.  Thank you.
--Peter House
Information Technology
Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AK

"I wanted to offer my compliments for the training and time that John Ribaudo extended towards me. He went out of his way and displayed major patience as I questioned him to death. Please tell him that SJC seriously appreciated his efforts and time as we struggled with our first W2 and 1099 season with MS Govern.
--Pooja Gupta
San Juan Capistrano, CA

"The training this week has been FANTASTIC, many kudos to Laura. Every day the group has come away with a new process or screen functionality that has helped streamline their work. This training has also helped the new finance director have more ownership of the product through a better understanding of what pulls everything together behind the scenes. Though we've used this software for 11 years now it's amazing what we didn't know or understand properly."
--Jill Olson
Sr. Programmer/Analyst
Yamhill County, OR 

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Customer Buzz on Support

Carrie Stone of Linn County, IA wrote in with her compliments to Sr. Application Support Specialist, Kim Hermann:
"SUPER; Thank you...I really appreciate all the time you and your group take with me. Your response is fast and friendly, even with my pesky minor questions.  I do let my management know how helpful you all have been during this time of transition."

Kim, I appreciate everything you have done. You are awesome. You deserve a weekend off in Paris!”
--Chris Peikert
Information Systems
Matagorda County; Bay City, TX

"In my office we work with Richard Meiling. Richard has been more than helpful when we need him. He goes above and beyond and is always kind and sees the job through. You are very lucky to have him!!"
-- Monica Rottach
Tax Receiver
Town of East Hampton, NY

When asked "What is the most important thing we could do that would improve our relationship with you?" on our most recent customer satisfaction survey, we received the following responses:

"I really do not see where there needs to be any improvement. Things are great like they are."
--Debora Shiver
Accounting Clerk
City of Tifton, GA

"Improvement not needed at this time. Response is always quick; professionalism is always displayed; and results are always as required."
--Gail Kerr-Moore
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Shelby County, TN

"Just keep doing the same outstanding work."
--Michael Evans
Senior Accounting Specialist
Highline Water District, WA

"I appreciate when I report a call, and customer service gets back with me within a few hours. They tell me what my options are to fix the problem and help me along to understand what I needed to do. You've all been very helpful and supportive."
--Jean Higgins, Accountant
City of Shawnee, KS

"Continue to employ excellent personnel like Joy Richardson whose focus is on customer service."
--Joy Black
City of Hot Springs, AR

Amy Rivera, Clerk Typist for the Town of East Hampton, NY Tax Receiver's Office, wrote in to give her compliments regarding Govern Support team member, Richard Meiling:
"I did a survey about Govern, but felt compelled to let you know what a dedicated employee you have with Richard Meiling. 

Every time we email him or call with a problem he responds without hesitation and is always eager to help solve our issue even times when we know this is something our own computer person should be doing. Richard is always patient, friendly, flexible and very efficient. His diligence and dedication to his job is a sure indicator of his work ethic. 

We called him several times in the past two weeks - sometimes several times a day asking him to run this query or check that report because we had an issue where we were off and each time he did as we requested and reassured us that the problem was not with Govern but probably in our ledger sheet that we do on our own. Well sure enough after 9 days of totally reviewing each deposit and transaction we found the error and it was just as Richard said, "our mistake."

Once again with Richard's support and dedication we have had a successful tax year."

“Hi Richard and David, I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff. Their response times are always excellent and it is greatly appreciated. Friday, I got in a jam with an upgrade…I was concerned that Friday was a Canadian holiday and your staff was off and I would have to postpone the upgrade, but instead, they made my emergency their problem. Nancy and Daniela were helpful and kind in resolving the matter and the rest of the upgrade went off without a hitch. The City is now up and running on Govern 10.5!”
--Kathy Warner
Application Support Specialist
City of Hamilton, OH

Jamie McCulloch, Water & Sewer Bookkeeper at the City of Dover, NH wrote in to compliment MS Govern Support Specialist Eric Beaverstock on his continuous assistance:
"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all of the hard work and dedication from Eric Beaverstock not only today, but each and every day. His knowledge, professionalism and patience are unmatched."

Sandie Terry, Director of Information Technology for Franklin County, VA, wrote in with her compliments to MS Govern's Technical Services team member John Ribaudo, who worked with her on a Payroll testing and update issue: "Schools' parallel payroll was super! Thank you John for all your efforts and such wonderful communication!"
She went on to say: "I really applaud John's project management AND communication throughout the effort to virtualize our GEMS applications! He kept everyone totally up to date on progression of activities and next steps - keeping everyone on the same page and in the loop!!  SUPERB!!!"

“I appreciate your customer support. I've never had to wait long for a response when I submitted a problem. You all are very professional in helping me understanding what I needed to do.”
--Jean Higgins, City of Shawnee, KS

"I just want to say thank you once again for all the help that I have gotten from Oanh - she is amazing - she was able to even help me with reports that were built by someone else. I really appreciate all the support we get from Oanh, Govern and all the staff!"
--Donna Farrell
Information Technology Specialist
Town of North Hempstead, NY

"Laura: I wanted to express my thanks to you for the assistance you gave Rita Smith in my absence to get our W-2's re-filed. It was one of those things that was on my list knowing I still had several days to comply and did not anticipate my hospitalization. I knew it was ready to go but I just didn't think I could talk her through it without being able to see the screen. Rita's response to me was 'Laura Mathis is awesome!' At least with getting these filed, it limited the City's exposure. Again many thanks - it's great to have a business partner you can count on!"
--Betty Luebke
Assistant Director of Finance
City of Clayton, MO 

“I have always been able to get help [from the MS Govern Support team] when I had a problem. Thank you.”
--Glenda Jackson
Account Manager
City of Tifton, GA

“I’m always pleased with the quick response to problems and the knowledge of your customer support team. Continue your open line of communication.”
--Sharon Tuttle
Assistant Director of Business & Finance
Franklin County Public Schools, VA

“Customer support is great and I have worked with some great employees (such as Blake and Toni).”
--Gail Moore
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Shelby County, TN

"I want to comment on the excellent support I received from Mike Sparks regarding a GLI issue I was experiencing. Mike is very knowledgeable about GLI.  In addition to sending me helpful tools to manipulate the GLI file he also offered me tips on how to easily create the final output. Then, when I encountered errors with executing the GLI file, Mike was able to quickly figure out the issue and provide me with the solution. He responded to all my e-mails as well as my voicemails promptly and professionally. I work with numerous vendors for technical support and I want to let you know that Mike did an exceptional job. It was a pleasure working with him."
--Darlene Glaser
IT Department
City of Mentor, OH 

Letting your lunch get cold to help a customer? Now that’s service! Way to go Richard M.!
"Richard, Thanks for helping me yesterday while your lunch got cold, so that I could leave to spend the day with my daughters. Much appreciated!"
--Jennifer A. Yarid, CMMT
Town of North Andover, MA

“We always receive fabulous customer service from Laura Mathis.”
-- Kathy Martinello
Payroll/Personnel Director
Oxford Public Schools; Oxford, MA

Daniela Andrei is a tremendous asset to your company. I have called her multiple times throughout our first year with Govern with questions and problems and she has always been more than happy to help me. She has a TREMENDOUS amount of knowledge and has always been able to answer any question I have asked. I have also taken a couple of her online/Webex training classes and have only good comments about those sessions as well. Make sure you keep her around for a long time:)”
--Melissa Bouchea
Senior Systems Analyst
Savannah, GA

Kim, thank you so much for your immediate response and assistance well past office hours yesterday. We successfully updated PREDIT this morning and got the ACH tape to the bank by 8AM. We very much appreciate your time and effort!”
--Christine Mincy
Systems Support Coordinator
City of Maryville, TN

"I wanted to take a moment to recognize Laura Mathis for service above and beyond during the years that I have been fortunate enough to work with her. As I find my job duties shifting here at Ellis County, I realize that one of the things I will miss is the great resource that Laura has always been. Of course, I know she will continue to be such a resource to those who will be taking on the payroll responsibilities in the coming months."
-- Diana Buckley
Ellis County, TX

"We recently underwent quite a transition with our MS Govern software to three new virtual servers from our original physical servers installed in 2003.  I want to commend the efforts of John Ribaudo on your staff as he wrestled to get us up and running over these past two months.  It was a long road for both of us, but all seems well with minimal impact on the users. Many thanks to John."
-- David Thompson
St. Lawrence County, NY

Bill Nell from St. Lucie County, FL wrote in to Jared, CityView application support specialist, to say: "Just a short note to thank you and Vince for the assistance provided yesterday...It's nice to know that there is such a high level of skill behind our CityView software..."

"If I had a pedestal, I'd put Laura on it!!!"
--Lynne Anne Carter
MIS Department
Kenai Peninsula Borough, AK

"Hi Brent! Just a quick note to let you know that we've successfully changed our IP scheme on the network and made the system changes that we received from you. Your instructions were extremely helpful!  I just wanted you to know that all of us in the department really appreciated having a roadmap to ensure that the MS Govern apps would be configured properly after our change. Thank you!"
--Karla Harker
Senior Systems Analyst
Incline Village, NV 

Tom Otzelberger, Manager of Information Systems for the City of Wauwatosa, WI, had this to say about MS Govern Support team member Brent Goetz"Whenever I have a technical issue Brent is always very good at helping me.  I really appreciate working with him."


Tom Spetnagel Jr., Chillocothe City Auditor of Chillicothe, Ohio expresses gratitude for Support team member Richard's help resolving the City's UNIX issue: "Richard, Thank you so much for your help and your patience with us.  Kathy and I really appreciate it.  We have been able to update our reports now, and everything seems to be working."

"We are very satisfied with the MS Govern software, especially the online documentation and the support you provide."
-- Nancy Reichardt
Information Technology
City of Vero Beach, FL

"Thank you Aurelia for helping me with the general tax load process on your day off...MS Govern and the Harris group is very lucky to have you working for them."
--Donna Farrell
Information Technology Specialist
Town of North Hempstead, NY

"Laura, you are a 'Payroll Dynamo'! You really understand our issues; you talk the talk; and our entire staff thinks very highly of you. We really enjoy working with you!"
--Patty Lynch
City of Janesville, WI

"I would like to let you know that Daniela's help to the Town of North Hempstead has been unparallel to any other.  The Town of North Hempstead would not be able to run all the processes that we do without the help of Daniela.  She has in the past stayed extended hours to help get the taxes out on time. Her in-depth knowledge of both the Govern system and the Town of North Hempstead procedures is amazing.  I just wanted to take the time and let you know that The Town of North Hempstead really appreciates Daniela's customer service support."
--Donna Farrell
Information Technology Specialist
Town of North Hempstead, NY

"Brent, Thank you so much for your superb support.  I thank you, and the City of Shawnee thanks you! We work with a lot of vendors and support personnel, and you are definitely one of the GOOD ones! Thanks again, and have a great day!"
--Nick Wernel
Network Administrator
City of Shawnee, KS

"Recently, I contacted Laura Mathis with a  panicky situation and she stayed after hours (your time) to help me through it. I was able to avoid spending the night at City Hall to deal with a legal matter strictly because of Laura's professional, expertise, and overall skills in HRMS. I can't thank her enough for what she did for SJC and me that day. She is the queen of all things (tell her that is straight from Pooja and Norma)!"
--Pooja Gupta
San Juan Capistrano, CA

"I am writing to compliment you on one of your employees, Ms. Laura Mathis. Twice in the last few weeks, Laura has made time to meet with me via webex in order to work with me on the use of SkyView. She carried it beyond that, even, and provided me with valuable education on the use of Excel..."Because of her efforts, Ellis County has been saved countless manhours, many of which would have resulted in banking of comp time at time and a half. This information has helped us not only with our human resources-related work, but we have since been able to use it to save additional manhours on indigent health care projects.

"This was truly exceptional service."
--Diana Buckley
HR Director
Ellis County, TX

"Thank you John for working with us today to help us resolve the MS Govern system performance issues. The end user and I are very pleased with the outcome and we have you to thank for that. We ran a number of tests on our own before getting in touch with you, yet our efforts were unsuccessful. I’m thankful that you were able to determine what was going wrong and able to provide a quick solution. Nice work, John!"
--Ed Vandehey
MIS Manager
City of Pacifica, CA

"During the holidays, right after Christmas I worked on getting our MS Govern Application server up to date with the latest service packs, tax information, and current release version to our Production system. After working late on Sunday night until about 3:30 Monday morning, I had finally finished my project and everything seemed to be fine. When I came in on Monday, I had a few voice mails on my phone. When I checked them, I found that we were having some problems with QuickReports, searching features, and a report we use made by MS Govern years ago that brings our Cayenta Utility payments for water and electricity into our General Ledger properly. All of these issues were very important to us as many employees and the citizens of Maryville rely on them.

I placed a ticket in the Harris support web portal after trying to find out what had happened to cause the issue. Knowing that it would be hard to find someone on the 28th of December, I didn't know how long it would take for these high priority issues to be addressed. I was at a road block and could not figure out exactly how to fix the issue myself. Since we use ORACLE instead of SQL Server, finding someone who knows about the complexity of the Oracle system has been tough at times with any software vendor.

After about one hour, I got a call from John Ribaudo who was eager to address the issue at hand and was relentless in giving up. Even after we had closed for the day, he was still working on the issue. Within a few minutes, John recognized the problem and started by testing his procedure in our TEST environment. When he found out that it worked in the TEST area, he then proceeded to work on the same issue in our Production environment. John had, by the end of that day, fixed both environments in no time at all. He followed up with all of the issues, cracking the problems one at a time, and working with me via web-ex and phone to keep me informed of what he was doing. Not only did I get a great customer experience from him, I learned a great deal about these type of issues and how to take care of them myself if this were to ever effect us again.

I just wanted to let you and the MS Govern (Harris Computer) staff know of what a diligent worker he was for us in a time that we needed serious help. John always followed up, either through my desk or cell, even while I was at the house getting ready for a vacation. I was able to remote in and work with him while still getting my things ready for a New Years Eve celebration with my wife. He removed the stress I had on my plate and jumped in to address it fully.

John deserves a major Kudos for the effort he put in to the issues, how to track and work them, and teach the local MsGovern Administrator and Project Manager a few things that I did not know even after being on the system for several years and attending several user conferences and tech classes. The City of Maryville, my wife, and I want to thank him for his hard work during this time. I understand that during the holidays staff is short, but we did not feel shortened at all with the issues we were facing."
--Chris Adkins
City of Maryville, TN

“I want to let you know how happy I am to have worked with Brent Goetz today.  Brent assisted me with two nagging problems that we had been experiencing...  With one of the issues he was able to provide us a solution through written instructions via email.  The other was resolved through the help of a Webex session with me. In both instances Brent was thorough, professional and patient as he wove his way through our configuration/setup, explaining to me not only the "what" by the "why" - for that I am most appreciative.  Because of his knowledge and talent, I can now go home and relax knowing that today progress was made.

I feel good knowing that Brent is on your team (and ours!).”
--Ed Vandehey
MIS Manager
City of Pacifica, CA

"Over the years, Brent has always risen to the occasion when needed, and has kept me appraised on technical issues. Thanks Brent! Your tenacity in leading us through this solution came at the right time for us. Keep up the good work."
City of Richland, WA

"John Ribaudo has been terrific. When I encountered a number of challenges in getting our Positive Pay SkyView application to work with the MS Govern System, his follow up, as well as his focus on problem resolution, was perfect. I greatly appreciated the effort."
--Jeffrey B. Blume
Director of Finance
City of Ferguson, MO

"In the past couple of weeks we've had some technical issues to overcome. In that time I have had several occasions to work with Brent Goetz. I just wanted to pass along a word of thanks for the great job Brent does handling support issues. He has great technical as well as customer relations skills. While some of problems were a bit perplexing, his patience, fortitude, and resourcefulness paid off. From a customer's perspective, it's a pleasure to work with a professional like him. His attitude is a very good reflection of your support organization and helps to further galvanize the long-time successful business partnership we have had with Harris/MS Govern."
--Thomas L. Otzelberger
Manager of Information Systems
City of Wauwatosa, WI

"I just want to take a minute to let you know how much we appreciate MS Govern support staff.  Last week we put in an e-support call with FMS and received exceptional service from Toni Bolden.  I have had many opportunities to work with Toni on the Finance module and our Inventory module.  She gives superior service and is very prompt in her response time.  Toni is very knowledgeable and truly pleasant to work with. Thank you and please give Toni a pat on the back from San Juan County!"
--Tammy Neville
Application Support Specialist
San Juan County, NM

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Customer Buzz on Product Development

"Erie County [NY[ Real Property Tax Services has been online with eGovern since January of 2010.  Within 15 minutes of going live we had our first payment.  Year one total collections were over $2.3 million dollars.  Over the next two years online tax collection and users increased over 200%.  eGovern has dramatically improved efficiency resulting in real cost savings, timely deposit of funds, that aid in cash flow and most important it is taxpayer friendly."
--Joseph L. Maciejewski, CCD; Director of Real Property Tax Services

Scott A. Lindquist from the City of Minneapolis, MN provides his praise for the Govern OpenForms technology:
"We love what we can do with the Govern OpenForms as we can now place fields together on single screens that make sense to our users and not to be limited by the table structure of the Software. We can easily build screens to support high-volume heads-down data entry or field data collection screens for our mobile tablet that are tailored to the appraisers of different property types.  Such flexibility provided the City improvements in staff efficiencies and increased productivity therefore reducing our operational costs."

“I want to thank George and Oanh [Govern R&D members] for your true understanding of our small claims process, the new procedure you created for us to reduce the taxes worked perfectly. This makes our job more efficient, quick and easy. Once again it is a pleasure to deal with you and the Govern staff.” 
--Donna Farrell
Information Technology Specialist
Town of North Hempstead, NY

"I just wanted to thank you [Mark Piller] for the work you did on our Business License renewal process and the various other reports that you finished for us. The renewal process is working great with the bar code and auto-renewal functions and the processing time has been reduced significantly. I appreciate the effort."
--Jessica Ping-Small
Finance Manager
City of Durango, CO

"Just wanted to let you all know that once again, [the Global Suite CAD module] shined yesterday during a 2 alarm fire; the View Call Log was indispensable, not only to see everything about the call, but the extra command line is a must when things get busy.  Just wanted to thank you all for making my job A LOT easier!"
Kurt Ploch
East Central Dispatch Center (ECDC)
St. Louis, MO

"The Waste Management Billing module's ease of operation, tracking of information, and speed of processing keeps operations moving smoothly with little traffic backup at very busy locations."
--Laureen Chaffin, Office Supervisor
Kottenai County Solid Waste Department
City of Coeur d'Alene, ID

“MS Govern’s Self Reported Tax software has greatly improved and streamlined our sales tax remittance process. The staff at MS Govern worked diligently to ensure our satisfaction with the product.”
--Julie Brown
Director of Finance
City of Durango, CO

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you [George Mirea] and development team for Govern Version 10.5…You and your team spent so much time listening, and more importantly, really hearing what your users were saying. Your attention to detail is so much appreciated…I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you all have done to date. It is noticed, and it is appreciated!”
--Idris Van Sant
Assessment Records Supervisor
Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AK

“Liberty has done a great job preparing the consolidated operating statement…she was a pleasure to work with, and she stuck to it until our problem was resolved. Liberty is very knowledgeable and represents MS Govern well.”
--Audrey Stevenson-Tipton
Shelby County, TN

"The users are very excited about the ‘new’ look and feel of the MS Govern System and the added features it has over our old system."
--Audrey Stevenson-Tipton
Shelby County, TN

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Customer Buzz on CAFR Unlimited

“This past year using CAFR Unlimited we were able to upload our data, print the financial statements and check the financial statements against our general ledger all within about an hour. It was by far the easiest year in terms of financial statement preparation for our audit we have had in a while.”
--Jake Harper, CPA
Accounting Manager
City of Bentonville, AR

"Joy, it was really good visiting with you at the GFOA conferenceWe appreciate the support we get from MS Govern with the CAFR Unlimited product and your willingness to work with us to address issues as they arise.  The work you all did for us in converting the database to the new chart of accounts enabled us to continue CAFR report writing with the same consistency and accuracy that we have enjoyed and come to rely on for many years."
--Claretha N. Harris, CPA
Chief Deputy Director, Finance Division
Pinellas County, FL

Alice Jackson from the City of Abilene, TX wrote in to compliment CAFR Unlimited guru Joy Richardson on her lastest webinar series.
"Joy, I wanted to thank you for doing the Webinar Series on the Statement of Net Assets, Statement of Activities and especially the Cash Flow Statements. This was the first year that the City of Abilene used CAFR Unlimited to prepare our CAFR.  Much to my surprise, I was able to use the copies of the GASB 34 templates to prepare our statements for this year's CAFR.  It didn't take nearly as long as I thought to prepare them.  Doing the cash flow statements in CAFR, I thought at the time, would be too difficult so I just created them in excel.  After today's training session, I can see that it's possible and maybe not as difficult as I first thought."

“In our first year of using CAFR Unlimited, we were able to produce our own CAFR reports with very little assistance from our auditors. Previously our auditors prepared all of our reports for us and we just proofed them. In FY09 we prepared all of our own reports and the auditors proofed them! We saved over $30k in additional audit fees that our auditors used to charge us to prepare the CAFR—enough to cover all the CAFR Unlimited fees that we incurred, including the training!


The second year—and all subsequent years—will be actual cash savings. Not to mention that it is our own internal staff that prepares the CAFR. The CAFR Unlimited software has allowed us to successfully take responsibility for our own financial reporting!”
-- Sarah D. Espelin
Audit Coordinator
North Slope Borough; Barrow, AK

"Our organization purchased CAFR for the preparation of our fiscal 2008 GASB-34 financial statements after years of relying on outside expertise with only subpar results.Our first year’s experience with the principals, Ray Zimpher and Joy Richardson, exceeded our highest expectations.

We were up and running in no-time, having cross-referenced our internal financial reporting general ledger system to our new CAFR GASB-34 reporting system.

After only a half-dozen remote training sessions with Ray Zimpher instructing our accountants, the genius of the CAFR system was realized when we were able to generate our GASB 34 compliant Basic and Combining financial statements, together with last minute changes before going to print, with an ease and reliability we never thought possible.

The virtue of the CAFR system resides in its superbly conceived design, and now our accountants can focus on the conceptual and analytical aspects of our financials, confident in the knowledge that CAFR will adeptly handle the necessary mechanics involved in their creation.

The unparalleled technical expertise provided by Ray and Joy combines good old-fashioned customer service, an uncompromising attention to detail, and a commitment to client satisfaction that is seldom found in these times of quick-fix, makeshift management solutions.

We are now looking forward to deploying and leveraging the CAFR reporting tool to other areas of our organization’s financial reporting needs, now that CAFR’s multifaceted functionality and rich features are becoming evident to us."
--Noel Gianelli
Assistant Director of Finance
Seminole Tribe of Florida; Hollywood, FL

Read what other clients have to say about our CAFR Unlimited financial reporting tool!

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Customer Buzz on the Annual Harris Customer Conference

Feedback on the 2012 Harris Customer Training Conference from CityView customer Karleena Evans from the City of Grande Prairie, AB: “To the entire CityView team, Thank you for such a wonderful conference and being an excellent host! We had a great time and learned so much about the impressive and expanding capabilities of CityView. Your team was inviting, energetic, and open to constructive compliments and criticisms.  The conference was informative and motivating, not to mention a LOT of fun. I look forward to working with you all and seeing you at the next conference.”

Feedback on the 2011 Customer Conference at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA:

"I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the MS Govern staff for the most outstanding user conference to date. I cannot express how this conference helped us – with existing problems – and in finding our way into the future with Govern. Every user that attended from the Mat-Su Borough feels the same way – that it was the best we’ve ever attended. Thank you to all of you again for such a stellar experience.

And from me personally, a thank you for being able to have a voice on the ESC [Executive Steering Committee]. It means a great deal to all of us here, but especially the Assessment and Finance Offices. I also wanted to share that the ESC dinner was so well received and appreciated! It was definitely “over the top”! I am really looking forward to next year already!"

--Idris Van Sant
Assessment Records Supervisor
Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AK

Here's what customers had to say about the 2010 Customer Conference in Dallas, TX:

"I have really enjoyed and appreciated the Gaylord Hotels for the last two years.  Harris puts on an amazing conference - we  tell our directors here that it is the best and biggest 'bang for their buck' of all conferences we've ever attended.  All  our attendees are collaborating on a conference report to be given to the directors to encourage more attendance next year.  

"One of the biggest factors to us is that we all eat together and have the opportunity to network and ask questions during the  meals.  We learn so much by doing this and finding out how the 'other' guy does it. Staff makes themselves so accessible during those times as well that many questions are answered informally.

"I find every staff member at the conference amazingly helpful - even if they don't know the answer they make sure we get to  the right person to ask.  I really appreciate that level of service!"
--Idris Van Sant
Assessment Records Supervisor
Matanuska-Susitna  Borough, AK

"The 2010 conference was extremely well organized...congratulations to the planners!"
-- Cam Mathis
Applications Manager (IT)
City of Savannah, GA

"2010 was one of the best organized and arranged conferences we have attended."
-- Betty Luebke
Assistant Dir - Finance
City of Clayton, MO

"The sessions I attended were wonderful...the hotel, conference, location; everything was great. The hotel staff could not have been more helpful and friendly; the resort was beautiful. Harris (MS Govern) put on a quality conference.

"I appreciate how Toni scheduled a special time for me during the conference to go over all of my questions; she is great."
-- Denise Badillo
Director of Purchasing
City of North Charleston, SC

"In general, the 2010 conference was another wonderful experience. We met many new users and reconnected with others. I thoroughly enjoyed the peer discussion group; it allowed us to meet more users in a relaxed atmosphere...Thanks again."
-- Jackie Nunenmacher
Asst. to Director of Finance
St. Tammany Parish, LA

"Overall [it was] a great conference.  The sessions aside, the greatest benefit I derive from the conference is in the networking with other MS Govern clients, vendors and the face-to-face time with staff.  Nice job all."
--Tony Oliver
Enterprise Applications Developer
Kenai Peninsula Borough, AK

"The organization and management of the conference was superb...the whole experience made the attendee feel important, and the banquet was great for the entertainment. In addition, the Partner showcase with iNovah was great - I can't wait to get the integrated version!"
-- Rhonda Zak
Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AK

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Dan Milam, IT Director for Johnson County, TX spoke about the County's recent go-live on Innoprise Financials, and praises Innoprise Implementer Bailey Blanchette.
"I'm pleased to say things are going well. I believe the biggest factor for our success was Bailey and his knowledge of the entire process beyond the software. I can't tell you how beneficial it was that he understood the financial process. When those guys tried to trip him up, he was all over it. All in all, I'm very pleased with the results of our project."

"The City of Aspen expresses its gratitude to Gordon Veale and Michael Coughlin for a smooth and successful implementation of the Innoprise Tax Application Suite - in only 4 months!!  System configuration could not have been easier and data conversion was completed with no problems. We are pleased with the intuitive user interface and are excited to be operating live on our new and improved system.  Thank you again for your hard work on the project!"
--Alice Hackney, Controller 
City of Aspen, CO 

"I am really pleased that the Town of Sahuarita and Innoprise were able to implement the online Citizen Access system. It is one more step in our efforts to provide a higher level of service in our community as well as 24/7 access to our permit and zoning case statuses."
-- Sarah S. More, FAICP, Building and Planning Director
Town of Sahuarita, AZ

See what customers had to say about the 2012 Innoprise User Group meeting:

"The conference was very informative and well worth attending. Mostly the presenters were well prepared and the sessions were well attended. The conference started strong with the opening address (kudos Dennis for assembling such an awesome team) followed by the roadmap presentation and continued throughout the conference with informative and well-presented sessions... Overall, I felt that you did a superb job organizing the sessions, and selecting relevant topics. Congratulations on both a successful and a memorable conference!"

Margaret Brocklander 
Director of Information Technology
City of Brighton, CO

"The place and conference rooms were great. The staff at the Ameristar as well as all the Harris instructors were very friendly. At the Wednesday night welcome reception, the interaction was great with Harris folks. Farrell and Tina are excellent at making you feel welcome and starting up a conversation for those of us that are as fluent or comfortable at that! I thank them for being very friendly and professional. Tina was great in the sessions for she was taking notes on questions asked to get the newsletter more efficient."

Delora Dixon
Business Analyst
City of Loveland, CO

"Bailey, I want to thank you again.  You did a great job with the training as  I have got nothing but thanks from the City staff for the report training.  You, Robert, Dave and Charisse have been great to work with and have been very dedicated to getting the City moving in the right direction with regards to Innoprise."
--Pat Weber, Finance Director
City of Billings, MT

Sally Kahlfedt, Administrative Assistant for the City of Waukesha, WI wrote in with her compliments regarding Innoprise Practice Manager, Tammy DiManna:
"I wanted to comment on Tammy DiManna, Product Manager/Implementation Spec-ComDev, CCR & Citizen Access.
"I've been working with Tammy for over 5 years.  During that time her professionalism and expertise has never failed. Just this past week we needed answers to questions with Innoprise in our Building Inspection department. Once again, Tammy answered quickly and explained how the process worked until we fully understood it. There are so many times that in a pinch, she has always been able to be there for us. I can't say enough about her and the Innoprise Help Desk. "

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